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The Headless Horseman: A Strange Tale of Texas

Mayne Reid

Book Overview: 

The horse is perfect in all its parts—a splendid steed, saddled, bridled, and otherwise completely caparisoned. In it there appears nothing amiss—nothing to produce either wonder or alarm. But the man—the rider? Ah! About him there is something to cause both—something weird—something wanting!

By heavens! it is the head! (Excerpt from the Prologue)

The Headless Horseman is a novel by Mayne Reid is based on the author's adventures in the United States. The Headless Horseman or a Strange Tale of Texas was set in Texas and based on a South Texas folk tale.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Mr Zebulon Stump.”

“Ha—ha! Old Zeb is but indifferent authority on the subject of the lazo.”

“I wish I could throw the lazo,” said the young Creole. “They tell me ’tis not a lady-like accomplishment. What matters—so long as it is innocent, and gives one a gratification?”

“Not lady-like! Surely ’tis as much so as archery, or skating? I know a lady who is very expert at it.”

“An American lady?”

“No; she’s Mexican, and lives on the Rio Grande; but sometimes comes across to the Leona—where she has relatives.”

“A young lady?”

“Yes. About your own age, I should think, Miss Poindexter.”


“Not so tall as. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I read this book about 35 years ago. Yes, it was one of those books that was considered a classic and great reading material in Soviet Union. Every kid must have read it and I was not an exception. While being a timid and not a very tough kid at the time, I took a deep dive into the land of cowboys

Ohhh, geri prisiminimai!!! "Raitelis be galvos", "Kvarteronė", "Baltoji pirštinė" ir kt. romantika +nuotykiai, ar gali būti geresnė sintezė brestančiam paaugliui :))

Амьдралын аз жаргал, шударга үнэн, хайр дурлалын тухай энгүүн сайхан өгүүлжээ.
Дурлахгүй байхын аргагүй Моррис Мустангер.
Дүрслэл хийгээд бүлэг хоорондын шилжилтүүд нь яг кино шиг найруулгатай. Төсөөлж байгаагүй үйл явдлууд өрнөнө.

Itt a Szent Imrében van egy könyvespolc, egész vállalható címekkel, gondoltam, babonából leveszek róla valami limonádét. Reidről már hallottam ezt-azt, a westernponyva specialistája, feltételeztem, nyomasztásban biztosan nem veszi fel a versenyt egy random nefrológiai osztállyal, úgyhogy lelazít pic

The Headless Horseman - A Strange Tale of Texas by Thomas Mayne Reid (1818 - 1883)

I became aware of this novel in of all places reading the book "The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival" by John Vaillant, and curious (this story has nothing to do with Sleepy Hollow) I downloaded it.

What I

Это было интересно. Даже не смотря на предсказуемость развязки, почему то читалось с удовольствием.

На мой взгляд это один из самых лучших приключенческих романов всех времен и народов и определенно самый лучший в жанре "вестерн". Читал его в детстве несколько раз и потом перечитывал уже когда стал постарше. До сих пор помню имена почти всех героев романа.
Интересно, что роман, написанный на англий

This book is one of the best books i had ever read.
Its very full of sense book for me.Lot of love and romance.
It easily takes you inside of all the novel,every scene.Love it,my advice is read this book.

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