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Is He Popenjoy?

Anthony Trollope

Book Overview: 

Trollope returns in Is He Popenjoy to two of his favorite subjects: property and inheritance. As in "Doctor Thorne," the issues are complicated by the specter of possible illegitimacy. Lord George Germain, a thoroughly respectable, upstanding, if not particularly bright younger son with new wife, rather expects to inherit a title, since his vicious and dissolute elder brother, the Marquis of Brotherton, who lives in Italy, shows no signs of settling down and producing heirs. Then comes a thunderbolt in the form of a letter from the Marquis suddenly claiming that he has, late in life, married an Italian widow and sired a son. This little boy, if he is indeed legitimate, is Lord Popenjoy and the heir to the marquisate.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Mr. Houghton said to you; I couldn't speak then, but I was so sorry."

"What a husband says, ma'am, at such a time, goes for nothing."

"What husbands say, Mr. Price, very often does go for nothing." He turned his hat in his hand, and smiled. "If it had not been so, all this wouldn't have happened, and I shouldn't have upset you into the water. But all the same, I hope you'll give me a lead another day, and I'll take great care not to come so close to you again." This pleased Mr. Price so much, that as he went home he swore to himself that if ever she asked him again, he would do just the same as he had done on the day of the accident.

When Price, the farmer, had seen her, of course it became Lord George's duty to pay her his compliments in person. At first he visited her in company with his wife and Lady Sarah, and the conversation was very stiff. Lady Sarah was potent enough to quell even Mrs. Houghton. But later in the afternoon Lord George ca. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Shall I start my review with a question? I think I shall. What induces an author to use a question as a book title? It always seems a bit off-putting to me. And yet Trollope did it twice -- three times if you count his play, Did He Steal It?, which was based on one of the plots in The Last Chronicle

Because of the page count of the default edition here, I was expecting a shorter book. Thankfully, I was not reading that edition - there must be very very tiny print in it! Recently I have been reading books originally published 100 and more years later than this, and, as much as I love Trollope, i

Is He Popenjoy? is a work by one of my all-time favorite authors, Victorian writer Anthony Trollope. The plot revolves around a marriage-actually, several marriages-and a disputed heir. Will Mary find happiness with Lord George? Is the Marquis' son really legitimate? Will a scheming ex-love of Lord

This is not only one of Anthony Trollope's sunniest novels, it is probably the best one of his books to start with if you have never read any of his works before. On one hand, Is He Popenjoy? is the tale of a nasty marquis who mistreats his family, hates England, and marries an Italian woman of dubi

The with-editors-like-this-who-needs-enemies? introduction to my edition pretty much said that Anthony Trollope was obtrusively crotchety and old and socially reactionary when he wrote this, and on top of that, the novel is self-derivative and generally mediocre.

I quite liked it, actually.

I picked u

Trollope goes after the sensational themes made famous by Collins, Brandon, in this novel. A lesser known novel of his , but should not be ignored. Great characters, good plot and strong writing.

I'm a huge fan of Trollope and like all his books. This was no exception, but wasn't quite my favorite. I found Mary's transition from "trying" to love her husband to being wildly in love with him a bit too sudden. And the Dean was supposed to be a likeable character, I think, but for me his rejoici

A very strong and interesting Trollope novel - he is at his best writing about marriage, and the characters are so fully formed here. The ending did drag a little, but I'd still highly recommend.

Popenjoy shares several of the same themes Trollope covered in "He Knew He was Right" but in a much lighter way, thanks goodness, which makes for much more enjoyment. It's the story of a young couple at the beginning of heir marriage. They have their share of rough edges to file down one to the othe

When a Book Outstays Its Welcome

It’s a ghastly thing to say of a book, I know, at least of a Victorian novel because anyone who takes up one of those usually knows that they were written for readers who had more patience and were less dependent on one-murder-or-some-other-kind-of-gross-thrill-every-

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