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Handy Mandy in Oz

Ruth Plumly Thompson

Book Overview: 

On many a day had Handy, the Goat Girl of Mern, pursued her goats up and down the rocky eminences of her native mountain. And never—NEVER—in her fourteen or so years' experience had she been blown up by a mountain spring. But there comes, in every one's experience a day which is unlike every other day, and so it was with the Goat Girl. As she was pursuing What-a-butter, her favorite goat, there was a sudden crash, a whish, and up flew the slab of rock on which she was standing, up and away. The adventures into which she was carried by this simple though awefull beginning take a whole book to relate. How she met Nox the Royal Ox of Keretaria, how together they went in search of little King Kerry, how at last they rescued him and found themselves feted guests of Ozma of Oz, all these things you must read for yourselves.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .The truth is, you amuse me no end and so long as you amuse me everything will be smooth as silk. But of course, if you bore me, I will bore you. Oh, positively!" Lowering his head Nox shook his horns playfully.

"Now I shouldn't try that, if I were you," advised Mandy, raising her iron hand and cracking the fingers warningly. "For if you do, I might throw things!"

"Ha ha! I believe you would." The enormous beast, charmed by so much spirit and independence fairly beamed upon his new slave. "I take it you are pretty good at throwing things."

"Yes, and at catching them, too." Reaching up, Mandy took seven of the dozen brushes off the shelf above her head. Tossing them all into the air with three of her hands, she caught them easily with the other four. Then dragging her stool closer, she began brushing the coat of her royal charge so hard and vigorously he blinked with pleasure and astonishment. "Will you have your tail plain, curled or p. . . Read More

Community Reviews

One of my favorites

I have loved this book since my mother read it to me. I can't remember how many times I have read it. I now own all of my mother's OZ books but it is nice they are online now to reduce the wear on the original ones. I recommend these to children of all ages.

Absolutely adored Handy Mandy and Nox the Ox! I think Thompson did an excellent job with this story and found it absolutely engaging, entertaining, and enjoyable. I hope she comes back in another Oz story, and soon!

Certainly an improvement on my previous Oz read. A GR friend and I were discussing the fact that the female characters in the Oz stories (at least the ones we've read so far) seem to be much more sensible and stronger than most of the male characters, and this is borne out by Book 31. Maybe the fact

Nowhere close to the charm, magic, and inventiveness of the originals. These books should not be considered Oz canon.

A reasonably good Thomson Oz book with quite a few interesting features. Mandy herself is pretty unique in the Oz canon, she's the main protagonist in a RPT Oz book but is female and not created originally by Baum, she's appears to be if not adult then considerable older than usual leads, plus is no

Always love this OZ Books!