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Gunman's Reckoning

Max Brand

Book Overview: 

A typical early 20th century western. It's a tale of a tough guy who gets involved with an evil man with an angel daughter for whom the tough guy falls. His efforts to recover hers and her father's gold mine claims is the story. Not a lot of shoot em up but enough story to make one want to finish the book to see how things work out.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .They had started in the first dusk of the coming day; it was now the yellow time of the slant afternoon sunlight; between these two points there had been a body of steady plodding. The girl had looked askance at that gaunt form of Donnegan's when they began; but before three hours, seeing that the spring never left his step nor the swinging rhythm his stride, she began to wonder. This afternoon, nothing he did could have surprised her. From the moment he entered the house the night before he had been a mystery. Till her death day she would not forget the fire with which he had stared up at her from the foot of the stairs. But when he came out of her father's room—not cowed and whipped as most men left it—he had looked at her with a veiled glance, and since that moment there had always been a mist of indifference over his eyes when he looked at her.

In the beginning of that day's march all she knew was that her father trusted her to this stranger, Donn. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Frederick Schiller Faust (1892-1944) was a prolific writer that wrote under a number of pseudonyms. One of these was Max Brand. Faust was to literature as Bach, Haydn and Mozart were to music. The sheer amount of work he produced in his relatively short life is mind boggling. Most of his published w

Blind date with a book. I picked up Donnegan (aka Gunman's Reckoning) randomly at a garage sale years ago and finally dusted it off to read over the New Year's weekend. This was my first western and I loved it. For me, experiencing this genre as a book rather than a film was much more entertaining a

A good book that was written long ago, still good today

I picked this book up to kill sometime but, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The only sad part is that the Colonel got to keep the mine.

Excellent, Though Not For Everyone

I've read some of the reviews. I know that there are some who are so jaded by today's flash and spectacle that they dislike this story. I also know that they are missing out. All the glitz, glamor and special effects tend to hide the fact that the storyline is weak.

Great book... Great writing style ... And great portraying of characters' inner feelings and emotions along with their remarkable development. The romance would break and warm your heart at the same time. The end was perfect even if it leaves you wishing for more. [SPOILER] While the death of George

Max has the touch!

A truly great story!What a great imagination has Max Brand!I hope this becomes a series! I will get it! It is astounding to me how so many good books one man has written!

A gunman’s reckoning is his understanding, and here, we have several gunmen and women, one in a main role, whose understandings of life ineluctably draw them together. “Gunman’s Reckoning” is a psychological novel, with roots in Greek tragedy and with twists worthy of far better known writers. Recom

I am unable to write a summary of the plot of this book. I can only say that I could hardly put it down, and finished the last half while I should have been working. This is the first time I've ever read a "Western" novel. I was never an especial fan of Western or Cowboy movies as a kid. Sure, I rem

Three and half star Western, March 31, 2017

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This review is from: Gunman's Reckoning (Kindle Edition)

Typical 1920's Max Brand western with a convoluted romance, not triangle or even quadrangle but a five sided polygon with the usual confusion in this type of novel. Boy A

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