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A Guide to Health

Mahatma Gandhi

Book Overview: 

Millions of people today continue to be inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's teachings because he was a genuine man of God. He also was an original thinker with an inquiring mind who refused to accept untested principles. What many people may not know is that Gandhi's thoughts on health are as original as his thoughts on spirituality and politics. This book shows how his renunciation of Western medicine transformed the man and his ideas.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .with our food, but we go on inhaling the air which has been polluted by such foul smell, forgetting the fact that the one is just as bad as the other, except that, while the former is visible, the latter is not. We should see that our latrines are kept thoroughly neat and clean. [Pg 19] We abhor the idea of our cleaning the latrines ourselves, but what we should really abhor is the idea of making use of dirty latrines. What is the harm in ourselves removing the filth which has been expelled from inside our own body, and which we are not ashamed to have removed by others? There is absolutely no reason why we should not ourselves learn the work of scavenging and teach it to our children as well. The filthy matter should be removed, and thrown into a pit two feet deep, and then covered up with a thick layer of earth. If we go to some open place, we should dig a small pit with our hands or feet, and then cover it up, after the bowels have been evacuated.

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Community Reviews

A book written by my role model about the field in which I work. There was nothing more I wanted from a book, and I was so excited to read it.

I didn't know what was the reason why Gandhi, who was trained in law in London, decided to write a book about health all of a sudden until he mentioned it in

I was impressed by the topics that Gandhi wrote about nearly 100 years ago. Vaccination, wellness, cures, eating and drinking analysis. Subjects that are to this day debated on in a similar manner.
Giving a modest rating only because of the intuitive directions, and of course, as mentioned by the au

The key to health according to Gandhi is making sure you get lots of fresh air. This book was a little goofy but trying out some of Gandhi's suggestions has been fun (for instance, I eat a lot more fruit now). I also love his explanation of how the body works.

No more uninformed than the rest of society at the time, and perhaps no more uninformed than today's society, there did exist a few nuggets of common sense. By the time I hit chapter two I decided to read it as an historical comedy, which lightened my mood. I have great respect for Gandhi's regard f

При чтении было абсолютно сюрреалистическое ощущение. Ганди, все-таки, как ни крути, вождь. Не может он рассказывать о своих вкусах и предпочтениях без поучения всей индийской нации.
С абсолютной непоколебимостью он отвергает врачей, но дает советы как лечить простуду и бубонную чуму. Он настаивает,

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