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The Gringos

B. M. Bower

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ut when tales reached him of cattle butchered by the hundred, and of beef that was being sold for an atrocious price in San Francisco, the old Spaniard was shocked into laying aside the traditions and placing some check upon the unmannerly "gringos" who so abused his generosity.

He established a camp just within the northern boundary of his land; and there he stationed his most efficient watch-dog, Manuel Sepulveda, with two vaqueros whose business it was to stop the depredations.

Meat for all who asked for meat, paid they in gold or in gratitude—that was their "patron's" order. But they must ask. And the vaqueros rode diligently from bay to mountain slopes, and each day their hatred of the Americanos grew deeper, as they watched over the herds of their loved patron, that the gringos might not steal that which they might, if they were not wolves, have for the asking.

The firelight in the tule-thatched hut of Manuel Sepulveda winked facetiousl. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Pretty cool story! I liked that it took place in California and had to do a lot with Mexicans and Spanish hospitality and land ownership. Different than the whole walk into a saloon and shoot up the place story. It wasn't as romantic of a story as it was advertised. That can be a good thing!

Good story.

It was a story about Americans mixing with the Spanish Dons on the old land grants. The respect they gained for each other and each others skills and ways, made a good story. Best part was when Jack dumped spoiled Therisita.

skills and ways

In this 1913 Bower offering, the scene is changed from her usual Montana to California in 1849, after the area had been ceded to the United States but before it was made a state. Spanish dons still had large haciendas, but the gold rush had begun and of course that changed life considerably for a...more

I started out liking the book but the main female character of the story ended up completely ruining it for me.