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The Green Fairy Book

Book Overview: 

Andrew Lang's Fairy Books or Andrew Lang's "Coloured" Fairy Books constitute a twelve-book series of fairy tale collections. Although Andrew Lang did not collect the stories himself from the oral tradition, the extent of his sources, who had collected them originally (with the notable exception of Madame d'Aulnoy), made them an immensely influential collection, especially as he used foreign-language sources, giving many of these tales their first appearance in English. As acknowledged in the prefaces, although Lang himself made most of the selections, his wife and other translators did a large portion of the translating and telling of the actual stories.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .rn, and be sure you beg for the watch which hangs on the wall. It has all sorts of wonderful properties, you only need to rub it to get whatever you like.'

No sooner said than done. Jenik became the master of the watch, and the moment he got out he wished to put its virtues to the proof. He was hungry, and thought it would be delightful to eat in the meadow a loaf of new bread and a steak of good beef washed down by a flask of wine, so he scratched the watch, and in an instant it was all before him. Imagine his joy!

Evening soon came, and Jenik rubbed his watch, and thought it would be very pleasant to have a room with a comfortable bed and a good supper. In an instant they were all before him. After supper he went to bed and slept till morning, as every honest man ought to do. Then he set forth for his father's house, his mind dwelling on the feast that would be awaiting him. But as he returned in the same old clothes in which he went away, his. . . Read More

Community Reviews

5/2023 reread:
Reading these again here and there as I near the end of my Land of Stories series reread. Although I am ready to be finished, mainly due to irritation with Colfer's blatant efforts to be relevant to modern times, his series does make me want to read fairy tales. And reading these ones

Back to reporting out the notes I took on my e-reader!


Re: "This is the third, and probably the last of the Fairy Books of many colours." Ahahaha. Good try, Andrew.

Re: "There are grown up people now who say that the stories are not good for children, because they are not true, because [...]

This one took me long enough. I listened to it on Audible and started in mid-2022. I just got around to finishing it, not because I didn't enjoy it but I found it hard to listen aloud to fairy tales. I'd rather just read them. But this was my first Lang and it wet my appetite for more.

I've left individual reviews for stories that had their own entry here on GR, the rest are in this review.

The Blue Bird **** A prince is cursed to become a blue-bird, the princess that saves him is sweet and kind. All's well that ends well, and a good story to start off the Green Fairy Book.

The Ench

ENGLISH: In his prolog, Lang says that "old people, long, long ago," liked fairy tales because they were like children and believed in witches, talking animals, magic rings that made people invisible, and so forth; but then, "as the world became grown-up," they stopped believing in those things, and

Another collection of fairy tales, this time forty-six ones, varying in length and enjoyment.

An excellent book that I received for Christmas last week. I was especially excited to get one with all the old illustrations. It's definitely one of the better books in Lang's collection. The illustrations are beautiful and the fanciful descriptions add to the charm.

My favorite stories:
- The Blue B

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