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Greek and Roman Ghost Stories

Lacy Collison-Morley

Book Overview: 

A non-fiction work, comparing and collecting ghost stories by Classical Greek and Republican or Imperial Roman authors.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .as well that he did so, for the case proved the beginning of his successful career at the Bar.[26] His uncle, the elder Pliny, seems to have placed more faith in his dreams, and wrote his account of the German wars entirely because he dreamt that Drusus appeared to him and implored him to preserve his name from oblivion.[27]

[Pg 15]The Plinies were undoubtedly two of the ablest and most enlightened men of their time; and the belief in the value of dreams is certainly not extinct among us yet. If we possess Artemidorus's book on the subject for the ancient world, we have also the "Smorfia" of to-day, so dear to the heart of the lotto-playing Neapolitan, which assigns a special number to every conceivable subject that can possibly occur in a dream—not excluding "u murtu che parl'" (the dead man that speaks)—for the guidance of the believing gambler in selecting the numbers he is to play for the week.

Plutarch placed great faith in ghosts and vi. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Well written and researched, I enjoyed the read.

Pretty good, although really short. This wasn't just straight up ghost stories, like I expected, but also offered historical context as well. The one draw back for me was that there were a lot of greek words in this, and my greek words I mean words written in greek letters with no romanization at al

Perennial ghost stories from antiquity - clanking chains and all.

Fair, but I don't think the Romans were as good at ghost stories as they were their religion (later to become mythology) and political intrigue.

There was a great description of how Greeks and Romans viewed the "spirit" or "ghost" but the stories themselves were not very entertaining though still interesting.

Great ghost stories

These stories give a glimpse into what Greeks and Romans thought about ghostly spirits. These stories help us understand their concept of what happens after death. The stories are delightful and make the reader wish the book was longer.

Give the book a try. You won't be disappointe

Too short!