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The Great God Pan

Arthur Machen

Book Overview: 

"The Great God Pan" is a novella written by Arthur Machen. On publication it was widely denounced by the press as degenerate and horrific because of its decadent style and sexual content, although it has since garnered a reputation as a classic of horror. Machen’s story was only one of many at the time to focus on Pan as a useful symbol for the power of nature and paganism.

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Book Excerpt: 
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Community Reviews

I feel like I need to read this again to figure out what the heck just happened.

Actually, reading other reviews, it seems like I might have got an edited edition? Like where is the controversial sexual content? The story I read was pretty vague and never described anything really.


So I did rea

*Read for Class*

I'm glad I had to re-read this for the final, because it's definitely not a 2-star read like my previous rating.

As good as advertised, called by Stephen King to be perhaps the greatest horror story in English. Not sure about that, but I can see how influential this may have been. Really weird and has allusions to myth. First published in 1890, this is after Poe but before Lovecraft, creating something of a br

For Reasons, a guy named Raymond wants to experiment on putting a person into some sort of altered state. Mary was, like, super poor, and he took her in and fed her, so this is fair, he says. She agrees because of Stockholm-syndrome-like loyalty to this creep. Bad idea genes abound here, and then--

Za sve izdavače...ovako se pristupa poslu,knjizi,piscu,prevodu

This was a strange little story, sold as paganism, with a touch of sexuality. It had a supernatural feel, that left me holding my breath in anticipation. Unfortunately, due to the confusing nature of the book, it also left me holding my head in confusion more than once. I was initially intrigued by

قادتني أبحاثي المريعة إلى آرثر ماكِن منذ فترة بعيدة، لكنني أجلت قراءته كما يحدث كثيرًا للأسف، حتى وجدت صاحب مكتبتي المفضلة يقترح عليَّ هذا الكتيب الصغير الذي يوحي غلافه المسروق بالاسترخاص المنتشر إياه (ومع ذلك فالناشر يذكر أن الغلاف من تصميم إسلام مجاهد. لكن اسم آرثر ماكِن أثار ذاكرتي على الفور، فأم

ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.

Written in 1894, Arthur Machen’s The Great God Pan is a short novel which was highly influential to H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King. King, in fact, said The Great God Pan is “…one of the best horror stories ever written. Maybe the best in the English language.

My favored definition of wisdom has always been 'a recognition of one's limits', and as such, wisdom is vital for writers. When an author knows their capabilities and their flaws, they are in prime position to write a story which takes advantage of their strengths and mitigates their weaknesses.


The Great God Pan is a succinct gem of horror and mystery; a kind of spiritual variation on classic tales of lycanthropy; though its effectiveness depends on one’s sensitivity to, and belief in, the potential horrors of the very real though unseen forces beneath material manifestation.

A scientist, a

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