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Granny's Wonderful Chair

Frances Browne

Book Overview: 

Her most famous work, Granny's Wonderful Chair, is a richly imaginative book of fairy stories and has been translated into many languages. This work, read as a child by Frances Hodgson Burnett, inspired the writings of Little Saint Elizabeth and Other Stories

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .re in, such a noble feast, after living so long on barley cakes; so, seating herself, she said, "Chair of my grandmother, take me quickly to the palace of King Winwealth."

The words were hardly spoken, when off the chair started through the trees and out of the forest, to the great amazement of the woodcutters, who, never having seen such a sight before, threw down their axes, left their waggons, and followed Snowflower to the gates of a great and splendid city, fortified with strong walls and high towers, and

[Pg 9]

The fortified city.

[Pg 10]


[Pg 11]

standing in the midst of a wide plain covered with cornfields, orchards, and villages.

It was the richest city in all the land; merchants from every quarter came there to buy and sell, and there was a saying that people had only to live seven years in it to make. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I grew up with rocking chairs--had my own little one as a child, and they got bigger as I grew. The idea of a rocker that tells stories and can take you places really appeals to me, which is why I loved this book so much. Originally written in 1856 (and the author was blind!), this is a highly re...more

This is one of my favorite books from when I was a young girl. Fairy tales at their best!

Young Snowflower's grandmother leaves her alone in the cottage with only an enchanted chair for company. The chair tells wonderful stories and takes Snowflower on a journey to the court of King Winwealth. Eac...more

My Father had a vintage copy of this book and used to read it to me when I was a small child. I found a vintage copy, also, and felt as if my Dad was still with me as I read it. The stories are quaint and sweet, older fairy tales that you can imagine past generations passing down to the young. Wh...more

I was lucky enough to read an original edition of this book, and I loved it.

This is the story of Snowflower. Left to fend for herself by her grandmother, Dame Frostyface, Snowflower turns to the ‘wonderful chair’ for company. The chair is able to tell stories and to transport Snowflower wherever...more

This is a wonderful collection of fairy tales in the self professed vein of Hans Christian Anderson. The names of the characters are a little clunky, but they were written that way to make a point, and the point should not be lost, because each tale has a definite moral to the story.

Loved this book!

We all want to go away for a while and enter a beautiful or mysterious place that will take us on a journey through palace, treasures, and magic. This is that such book of open ended stories and tales of witches fairies, creatures of the sea and air. Loved this book...more

Great read

This is an excellent book with excellent stories. It is like having many books in one. My granddaughter will love me to tell her of all the adventures in this great book.

It was a very beautiful book.I really enjoyed the time that I spent reading it.I don`t have any special favorite character because I liked them all. What I learned from this book was that good people and hardworking ones will always have what they really deserve in the end.

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