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The Gorilla Hunters

R. M. Ballantyne

Book Overview: 

Ralph Rover is happily at home from his adventure on The Coral Island and wondering if he should settle down when he receives a visit from an eccentric stranger that won't give his name. This visit starts him on a string of adventures that find him getting charged by rhinoceroses, chased by African natives, and facing down a larger-than-life gorilla on his own. Of course, this is only the start of his adventure in to the land of the gorillas.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Makarooroo,” said Peterkin, as our interpreter hastened away to fetch his rusty old gun and spears; for he meant to join our hunting expedition, although he had only that moment arrived from a long and fatiguing chase.

“Do you think so?” said Jack.

“I don’t agree with you,” said I; “to me he seems rather of a grave and quiet disposition.”

“O Ralph, what a bat you are! He was grave enough just now, truly; but did you not observe the twinkle in his eye when he spoke to us in English? Depend on it he’s a funny dog.”

“There must be freemasonry, then, among funny dogs,” I retorted, “for Jack and I don’t perceive it.”

“Is this our canoe?” inquired Jack of the trader.

“It is.”

“Then let’s jump in.”

In a few seconds the river was crowded with a fleet of small canoes, and we all paddled quickly u. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Here are some excerpts, taken out of context, from R M Ballantyne's 'The Gorilla Hunters':

1). "Can he not understand,” said Peterkin, “that we hunt for fun?”

2). "Moreover, after I lay down, the reality became a dream, and I spent that night, as I had spent the day, shooting gazelles, lions, wild pig

আরেকটু কম বয়সে পড়লে হয়তো বেশি ভালো লাগতো।

কিশোরকালে পড়া। সেবা'র অন্যতম সেরা অনুবাদক নিয়াজ মোরশেদ অনূদিত কিশোর ক্ল্যাসিক। সেই সময় দারুণ এক আ্যডভেঞ্চার পেয়ে বসেছিল এ বইটি পড়ে। এখনও খুব যত্ন করে রেখেছি প্রথম সংস্করণের দ্য গরিলা হান্টারস নামের সম্পদটি।

I would give it a 9 out of 10

Kind of hard to rate - on the one hand, it really is a very good adventure tale. And, having read The Coral Island, it was fun to catch up with Jack, Ralph, and Peterkin in this sequel.

On the other hand, you have to get past some appalling racism. It was jarring at times.

I have to say, I'm glad I re

Published three years after his phenomenally successful "The Coral Island", ""The Gorilla Hunters" finds Ballantyne bringing back three friends from previous novel but this time they are grown up men and instead of Pacific, the story is set somewhere in Africa. It's all very exotic, adventurous and

অনেকদিন পর অাবার মিলিত হল তিন বন্ধু। জ্যাক, পিটারকিন অার রেল্ফ। ঠিক করল অাফ্রিকার গহিন জঙ্গলে যাবে গরিলা শিকার করতে। যাওয়ার পথে এক গ্রামে পেল জ্যাকের মত একজন গাইড। ঘটনাচক্রে গ্রাম্য প্রধান জামবাই বলি দিবে জ্যাকের হবু বৌকে। সবাই মিলে তাকে বাঁচিয়ে সেখান থেকে পালালো। একটা সময় গরিলা ও শিকার করল তারা।

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