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The Golden Slave

Poul William Anderson

Book Overview: 

100 B.C. The Cimbrian hordes galloped across the dawn of history and clashed in screaming battle against the mighty Roman legions. Led by their chief, Boierik, and his son, Eodan, the hungry and homeless pagan tribes hurled back the Romans time after time in their desperate search for land. But for all the burning towns, the new-caught women weeping, the wine drunk, the gold lifted, the Cimbri did not find a home. And now it was over. At Vercellae the Roman armies shattered them completely. Only a few survived—and for them death would have been more merciful. Eodan, the proud young chieftain, had been caught and sold into slavery, his infant son murdered and his beautiful wife, Hwicca, taken as a concubine. But whips and slave chains could not break the spirit of this fiery pagan giant who fought, seduced and connived his way to a perilous freedom to rescue the woman he loved.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Gorgon's lair and come back alive.

She wondered why she felt like weeping.


"He has deserved well of us," Cordelia said. "Let him be kept in the household, at least till he is properly healed. Give him good raiment and light work. And first of all a bath!"

Thereafter she did not hurry matters. Eodan limped about with a crutch, ate and drank and slept enormously, scoured pots or helped old Mopsus the gardener. He spent much time down at the stables, where he soon had the friendship of the head groom, a dour Cappadocian who was believed to have been hatched rather than born since not even a mother could have loved him. Phryne did not understand how a man of intelligence—and Eodan had a good mind in his rough way—could sit hour after hour talking about currycombs and fetlocks and spavins and whatever else there was; but so it went and, after all, divine Homer dwelt lovingly on horses.

Washed, shaved, his hair cut . . . Read More

Community Reviews

4 out of 5

The Golden Slave is an alternate history fiction set at the time of Mithridates VI’s rule. It weaves a possible origin to three mythical Norse gods. Relying on his extensive research into the mythology, legends, and sagas of the ancient world, Poul Anderson builds a convincing barbarian ethos and mi

Really historical fiction, but it has the feel of fantasy.