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The Gods of Pegana

Lord Dunsany

Book Overview: 

The book is a series of short stories linked by Dunsany's invented pantheon of deities who dwell in Pegāna.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .There is ease in the soul of Slid and there be calms upon the sea; also, there be storms upon the sea and troubles in the soul of Slid, for the gods have many moods. And Slid is in many places, for he sitteth in high Pegana. Also along the valleys walketh Slid, wherever water moveth or lieth still; but the voice and the cry of Slid are from the sea. And to whoever that cry hath ever come he must needs follow and follow, leaving all stable things; only to be always with Slid in all the moods of Slid, to find no rest until he reaches the sea.

With the cry of Slid before them and the hills of their home behind have gone a hundred thousand to the sea, over whose bones doth Slid lament with the voice of a god lamenting for his people. Even the streams from the inner lands have heard Slid's far-off cry, and all together have forsaken lawns and trees to follow where Slid is gathering up his own, to rejoice where Slid rejoices, singing the chaunt of Slid, e. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Not for everyone, but definitely for me. This isn't so much a collection of short stories as a collection of vignettes and prose poems that, taken together, create a kind of artificial mythology -- kind of a precursor to The Silmarillion but without as much narrative linkage and structure. But the e

The quite short stories that make up ‘The Gods of Pegana’ border on being prose poems. If one expects action and plots, one will be largely disappointed. If one reads for the beauty of the language, for the images and ideas, one may just fall in love with the book.

I did, many years ago. The romance

A short but ambitious book that attempts to create an entire mythology. Its style, rooted in the fin de siècle', and filled with faux archaism, is charmingly quaint, and its metaphors evoke meditations upon the nature of time and death, dream and creation.

This was a favorite book of H.P. Lovecraft,

Esta es una colección de pequeños relatos sobre la creación y mitología de un mundo ficticio. Representa una de las piedras fundacionales del género fantástico como lo conocemos hoy.

Lord Dunsanny fue uno de los primeros autores en separar el cuento de hadas e irlo moldeando en un nuevo género que t

The Gods of Pegana is an invented pantheon. This slim book by Lord Dunsany has been tremendously influential, having inspired illustrious personages such as H.P.Lovecraft and J.R.R.Tolkien. And the original illustrations by Sidney Sime are classics by themselves.

I have been wanting to read this book

After having read so many negative reviews about this collection of "prose- paintings" I was surprised that I actually enjoyed "The God's Of Pegana". I think it's important to take this collection for what it is. Dunsany builds an imagined mythology around a pantheon of God's revealed through poetic

"وعلى جانبي الطريق رأيت البشر يذبحون البشر، وكانت نتيجة مذبحتهم أعظم من مذبحة أي طاعون من أفعال الآلهة الشريرة.
وثارت المدن وروُدمت منازلها بالتراب، وعادة الصحراء مجددا إلى طبيعتها، لتغطي وتخفي آخر أثر لهؤلاء الذين قد أقلقوا سكينتها.
وما زال البشر يذبحون البشر.
حتى وصلت إلى زمن لم يعد البشر يضعون فيه ن

An excellent merge of fantasy and mythology from the man who wrote The King of Elfland's Daughter, Gods of Pegana is a very short and thoroughly enjoyable piece of fantasy fiction from the early days of the modern genre.

It's easy to see this book as the predecessor to The Silmarillion, and in many w

Om nom nom. I ate this one up - the language is gorgeous and controlled, the myths archetypally resonant yet fresh and original... yummy fantasy tales.

My favorite tale is the myth of the Trogool:

Also, Sidney Sime's pictures are gorgeous; get a version with his art (or at least look it up online).

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