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Glinda of Oz

L. Frank Baum

Book Overview: 

Glinda of Oz is the fourteenth Land of Oz book and is the last one written by the original author L. Frank Baum, although the series was continued after his death by several other authors.

Dorothy and Ozma discover that a war is brewing in a distant and unexplored part of Oz, between two mysterious races, the Flatheads and the Skeezers. The girls set out to try to prevent the fighting, not knowing what dangers await them.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Perhaps Glinda could," said Dorothy thoughtfully.

"Glinda has a stork chariot that carries her through the air," said Ozma, "but even our great Sorceress cannot conjure up other modes of travel. Don't forget what I told you last night, that no one is powerful enough to do everything."

"Well, I s'pose I ought to know that, having lived so long in the Land of Oz," replied Dorothy; "but I can't do any magic at all, an' so I can't figure out e'zactly how you an' Glinda an' the Wizard do it."

"Don't try," laughed Ozma. "But you have at least one magical art, Dorothy: you know the trick of winning all hearts."

"No, I don't," said Dorothy earnestly. "If I really can do it, Ozma, I am sure I don't know how I do it."

It took them a good two hours to reach the foot of the round, flat mountain, and then they found the sides so steep that they were like the wall of a house.

"Even my purple kitten couldn't . . . Read More

Community Reviews

I haven’t read an Oz book since my Children’s Literature class back in my early college days. The Wizard of Oz really came to life when I realized that within that well-known children’s story was a political statement on bimetallism (ie. “getting off the gold standard”). Okay, I know that Baum de...more

Glinda of Oz, L. Frank Baum's last addition to the Oz canon before he died, is filled with sorceresses, fairies, wizards, mechanical men, a glass cat, a patchwork girl and that quartet we've come to know and love: Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion. It's a delightful story...more

(4.5, but for Oz's sake I'll err up instead of down.)

I've read reviews that suggest that Glinda of Oz is the darkest, possibly because Baum knew he was dying at that point. I don't actually see explicit darkness, but I do think that there is an element of fear in this one that there isn't in the...more

I found Glinda of Oz by L. Frank Baum purely by chance. I honestly had no idea that Baum had written so many books based on his wondrous world of Oz. Glinda was first published posthumously in 1920. I'm now trying to find other books in the series.

In this book, Glinda, while reading her Great Boo...more

Well, that's me done with the Oz series (I'm not really interested in reading the more recent books by authors other than Baum). I have to say that I've enjoyed revisiting Oz for the first time since my very distant childhood and this book was a nice one to end on, featuring as it does the vast m...more

I had the pleasure of seeing and holding this original printed edition in person. This book is beautiful and, notably, it is the last in the series to be written by Lyman, himself. It is a fantasy story about a magical world with all the happy endings one could hope for.

Baum ended his Oz series on a strong note. Many people say that this is the darkest Oz book. I would disagree - "dark" is not the word to describe this story. "Serious," perhaps, and it had a stronger moral message than some others. It also had an actual plot, and the book followed a logical stru...more

Two small nations of the Land of Oz declared war on each other.

When Ozma learned about this she decided it is her duty as a ruler of all Oz to make peace between the nations. Off she went accompanied by Dorothy who wanted to tag along. Pretty soon it turned out the girls bit off much more than t...more

Good and readable and interesting, but not anything all that special. It would definitely be worth reading aloud. Not sure that the series had enough of a trajectory for me, considering this was Baum's last book. He never ran out of good ideas though. And this one is a bit less of a travelogue. 3...more

This final book of the Oz series by L. Fran Baum is often categorized as the “darkest” of the original Oz books but I really didn’t find it so. I did see it as a little more complex than most of the others but the fact that the author knew he was dying at the time he wrote it doesn’t contribute t...more

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