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Ghosts I Have Met and Some Others

John Kendrick Bangs

Book Overview: 

Ghosts I Have Met and Some Others is a delightfully humorous collection of short tales relating encounters with ghosts.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .A few minutes later, however, I heard a strange sound at the window, and my leaping heart stood still. The strain upon my tense nerves was becoming unbearable.


"At last!" I whispered to myself, hoarsely, drawing a deep breath, and pushing with all my force into the soft upholstered back of my chair. Then I leaned forward and watched the window, momentarily expecting to see it raised by unseen hands; but it never budged. Then I watched the glass anxiously, half hoping, half fearing to see something pass through it; but nothing came, and I began to get irritable.

I looked at my watch, and saw that it was half-past one o'clock.

"Hang you!" I cried, "whatever you are, why don't you appear, and be done with it? The idea of keeping a man up until this hour of the night!"

Then I listened for a reply; but. . . Read More

Community Reviews

A really fun little collection of turn-of-the-century ghost stories, told with a lot of humor. Several laugh-out-loud moments for those who like their jokes smart and tucked firmly in cheek.

A bit overarch sometimes, and a bit stiff, but largely lightly funny and occasionally pleasantly creepy. I think I might look this one up in paperbook; it feels like the kind of book which would particularly suffer from being e-read.

“If we could only get used to the idea that ghosts are perfectly harmless creatures, who are powerless to affect our well-being unless we assist them by giving way to our fears, we should enjoy the supernatural exceedingly.”

A silly tale of ghosts that will set your heart at ease rather than frighte

One of my favourites. A witty send-up of the gothic horror anthology, written while gothic horror was still a new idea.

Loved it Great stories A very fun entertaining read

I was looking for short stories at my uni library, because I'm really busy and don't have alot of time to commit to a novel! I randomly happened upon this one, was intrigued, read the first paragraph, and died. This anthology is about ghosts, but when I read it I find alot of strength from it-- for

“Coleridge, I think it was, was once asked by a lady if he believed in ghosts, and he replied, ‘No, madame; I have seen too many of them.’ Which is my case exactly.”

Unless you are out searching for older macabre writers you might not have run across this gem of a classic. Bangs, tries and succeeds e

Highly amusing collection of rambling tall tales that make fun of serialized ghost stories - though it ends with a solid chiller of its own!

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