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Gaspar Ruiz

Joseph Conrad

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Book Excerpt: 
. . . that he meant to keep the window all to himself. He seemed to be taking up a comfortable position. Nobody inside dared to approach him now he could strike with his hands.

"'Por Dios!' I heard the sergeant muttering at my elbow, 'I shall shoot him through the head now, and get rid of that trouble. He is a condemned man.'

"At that I looked at him angrily. 'The general has not confirmed the sentence,' I said—though I knew well in my heart that these were but vain words. The sentence required no confirmation. 'You have no right to shoot him unless he tries to escape,' I added firmly.

"'But sangre de Dios!' the sergeant yelled out, bringing his musket up to the shoulder, 'he is escaping now. Look!'

"But I, as if that Gaspar Ruiz had cast a spell upon me, struck the musket upward, and the bullet flew over the roofs somewhere. The sergeant dashed his arm to the ground and stared. He might have commanded the soldiers to fire, bu. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I found the novella very approachable and genuine. Conrad had not only a good flair for the characters but presented a good parable of loyalty and betrayal from root to fruit.

This 1905 novella was written closely after the novel Nostromo, which it resembles in several aspects: there is a South American setting, a revolution is brewing, the eponymous protagonist is a strong, helpful young man. It is also similar to Youth, Lord Jim and Heart of Darkness is having an older

Είναι κάποιοι συγγραφείς που μπορούν μέσα σε ελάχιστες σελίδες να εκφράσουν με τον καλύτερο τρόπο την ψυχοσύνθεση των ηρώων τους. Ο Γκασπάρ Ρουίζ είναι ένας τραγικός ήρωας. Το μόνο τέλος για αυτόν είναι ο θάνατος.

"What killed him, chico?
-His own strength"

A short, merely hundred-pages long novella by Joseph Conrad can contain such beautiful prose and such absorbing storytelling that most novels about three times of that length would fail in providing to the readers. Even as "Gaspar Ruiz" would considered by most of Conrad's readers as a mere footnote

The first Conrad I ever ead and the scenes of Gaspar with the gun mounted on his back in the mountain pass were etched indelibly on my mind by the brilliance of Conrad's words, while I often bemoan my inability to recall plot details from many of the countless books I have read and taught.

Novela corta que narra una vida extraordinaria en la época libertaria de San Martín.
Caida, resurgimiento, apogeo y frenético final de Gaspar Ruiz, un desertor y traicionero para ambos bandos que con su descomunal fuerza y convicción llegó a formar una guerrilla problemática.
Conrad es un cultor de

Όλες οι αντιμαχόμενες πλευρές σ’ έναν πόλεμο έχουν τους δικούς τους ήρωες. Κι απέναντι στις εμβληματικές φυσιογνωμίες των ελευθερωτών Σιμόν Μπολίβαρ και Χοσέ Μαρτίν αντιπαρατάσσει ο Joseph Conrad τον δικό του (μυθιστορηματικό) ήρωα, από την πλευρά των Βασιλικών στρατευμάτων αυτός, ονόματι Γκασπάρ Ρο

Gazpar Ruiz se centra en una víctima casual de la guerra de Independencia de Chile contra la Corona española. A Gaspar, un soldado de a pié, lo juzgan injustamente como desertor contra toda evidencia. Poco más puedo decir sin añadir spoilers, ya que la novela es más bien corta y la trama se desarrol

Good short story. Reminded me of Werner Herzog's film Cobra Verde.

“‘[…] As a boy I fought for liberty; I’ve always believed in the equality of men; and as to their brotherhood, that, to my mind, is even more certain. Look at the fierce animosity they display in their differences. And what in the world do you know that is more bitterly fierce than brothers’ quarrel

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