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The Game

Jack London

Book Overview: 

Jack London wrote at least four stories about boxing; The Game is told, in part, from the point of view of a woman, the fiancée of one of the competitors. This is to be his last fight and they are to be married on the morrow. Against her better judgment, she agrees to watch the bout.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . . the reason that no satisfactory girl had appeared.  Nor did she choose to walk with the young fellows of the neighbourhood, as was the custom of girls from their fifteenth year.  “That stuck-up doll-face,” was the way the girls of the neighbourhood described her; and though she earned their enmity by her beauty and aloofness, she none the less commanded their respect.  “Peaches and cream,” she was called by the young men—though softly and amongst themselves, for they were afraid of arousing the ire of the other girls, while they stood in awe of Genevieve, in a dimly religious way, as a something mysteriously beautiful and unapproachable.

For she was indeed beautiful.  Springing from a long line of American descent, she was one of those wonderful working-class blooms which occasionally appear, defying all precedent of forebears and environment, apparently without cause or explanation.  She was a beauty in color,. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I found this book in my cousin's library by chance and I thought to myself 'oh, it's Jack London, I must read it'. While reading, I was constantly thinking, this must be just a day in the life of a to-be "lived-happily-ever-after couple" and to me, it was just a beautifully written detailed descr...more

Az önce bitirip bir hızla geldim: Jack London sen bir ustasın. Burada yazıldığı gibi kadın-erkek sterotipleri falan demeyeceğim zira 1905’te yazdığı bir roman bu. Ayrıca London’un kadın karakterleri çoğunlukla emekçi, güçlü, onurlu ve dirençlidir. Yani kendince olumlu bir profil çizmeye çalışır....more

Her çiqas honekeke gelek xweş tê da tune be jî xwendina pirtûkê xweşbû heta dawiyê heyecana xwe diparast.

I was not prepared for the ending of this sad little story. It packed a punch (pardon the pun) and, as always, was very well written from Jack London.

Интересна, лека история. Въпреки кратката ѝ дължина имаме достатъчно време да се запознаем с героите и да станем съпричастни с проблемите им. Създава се изключително спокойно усещане за отношенията между двамата млади, въпреки хобито на момчето и притесненията на момичето. Към края на книгата веч...more

Открих книгата случайно в читалищна библиотека в с. Царевец, Община Свищов. От чисто любопитство зачетох първите редове и не можах да я оставя. Този кракът роман съдържа в себе си толкова много емоция, колкото други не могат да разгърнат и за 500 страници. Прекрасно написана; реализъм, преплетен...more

Brilliant, brief, powerful, and memorable. The life of a boxer in Oakland with love and passion for both spouse and work. The two desires play a powerful duo. Reading this in Oakland was especially interesting and enhanced the setting.


Relies a bit too much on gender stereotypes for my tastes.

Τέταρτο βιβλιαράκι του Τζακ Λόντον που διαβάζω, γι'ακόμη μια φορά έμεινα ευχαριστημένος από την γραφή και το επίπεδο της σκέψης του. Οι προηγούμενες ιστορίες του συγγραφέα που έτυχε να διαβάσω διαδραματίζονταν κατά κύριο λόγο σε άγρια τοπία και είχαν στοιχεία περιπέτειας και φαντασίας, εδώ όμως έ...more

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