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The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

Daniel Defoe

Book Overview: 

After the death of his wife, Robinson Crusoe is overcome by the old wanderlust, and sets out with his faithful companion Friday to see his island once again. Thus begins a journey which will last ten years and nine months, in which Crusoe travels over the world, along the way facing dangers and discoveries in Madagascar, China, and Siberia

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .eaten up like beef and mutton, though it was supposed it was not to be till they were dead, had something in it so horrible that it nauseated their very stomachs, made them sick when they thought of it, and filled their minds with such unusual terror, that they were not themselves for some weeks after.  This, as I said, tamed even the three English brutes I have been speaking of; and for a great while after they were tractable, and went about the common business of the whole society well enough—planted, sowed, reaped, and began to be all naturalised to the country.  But some time after this they fell into such simple measures again as brought them into a great deal of trouble.

They had taken three prisoners, as I observed; and these three being stout young fellows, they made them servants, and taught them to work for them, and as slaves they did well enough; but they did not take their measures as I did by my man Friday, viz. to begin . . . Read More

Community Reviews

The further adventures of Robinson Crusoe
(audio book)
In this book Robinson is back in his home country, England, but now seeks yet more adventures. He wants to go back to his previously discovered island in order to help the people that live there So he takes passage on his nephew's ship to help t

Why did Robinson choose to leave behind his children? Their mother had just died, and he decides to go on another adventure? Why did he leave them in the care of an old woman who might die at any moment? Why can't he provide for them like a normal father would? We don't even know how his wife died b

Знаехте ли, че освен добре познатата класика „Робинзон Крузо” на Даниъл Дефо има продължение? А знаехте ли, че то най-накрая излиза за първи път и на български език? „По-нататъшните приключения на Робинзон Крузо” (изд. „Изток-Запад”, прев. Огняна Иванова) е любопитно безспорно четиво - както за почи

Wow! What a terrible book! I started reading The Farther Adventures without having actually read the first book in the series, Robinson Crusoe (cannot say that I am very motivated to pick it up now), so, understandably, this book was quite the surprise in every possible way. The story picks up with

This is the first sequel to "Robinson Crusoe".

(I found out yesterday, there was a second sequel, "Serious Reflections ... " (link - I haven't read the second sequel yet.)

Although this book was still very readable, to me, it felt just a bit more stilted than the first did. I don't know if this was a

The second and less interesting book about the adventures of Robinson Crusoe. In this we find our hero in moments of family relaxation, which do not hold for long as something pushes him again in the quest for adventure. We can divide this quest into two parts.

In the first half of the book we find h

Focus on the Family Great Stories edition, introduction and afterword by Joe Wheeler.

Defoe published the followup to his best-seller Robinson Crusoe just five months after the first book hit the streets, in a surprisingly modern marketing effort to cash in on the name recognition. Surprisingly moder

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