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The Frozen Pirate

William Clark Russell

Book Overview: 

Sailing adventure with storms, icebergs, shipwrecks, treasure, and the reawakening of a pirate frozen in suspended animation for nearly fifty years

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I was obliged to force under it to unhook the silver chain that confined the cloak about his neck. I felt like a thief, and stole a glance over either shoulder as though, forsooth, some strangely clad companion of his should be creeping upon me unawares. Then, thought I, since I have the cloak I may as well take the watch, flask, and tobacco-box, as I had before resolved; and so I dipped my hand into his pockets, and without another glance at his fierce still face made for the boat.

I now noticed for the first time, so overwhelmingly had my discoveries occupied my attention, that the wind had freshened and was blowing briskly and piercingly. When I had first started upon the ascent of the slope, the wind had merely wrinkled the swell as the large bodies ran; but those wrinkles had become little seas, which flashed into foam after a short race, and the whole surface of the ocean was a brilliant blue tremble. I came to a halt to view the north-east sky before the b. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Do you like dazzling sunbeams breaking through scintillating clouds, the heaving spray of seafoam in her mercurial bosom, and glistening prisms of iridescent ice? Long hours alone worrying over glaciers and gales and stripes of foreboding grey on the horizon and the possibility of losing the booty y


I set myself up for disappointment with this one. When I read about pirates who 'weren't dead after all' I thought I'd be reading the pioneers of zombie horror, instead of one of the first cases of a cryogenically preserved character.

Killing off the main point of interest in the book, that

I loved this book. Couldn't put it down. It would make a great movie.

Probably a decent read but too descriptive for me. If you are into nautical stories and understand masts sails and all the rigging, you would probably enjoy it. Also, too descriptive of the stormy ocean and icebergs. I bailed out at 13% but still rate it at 3 because it's not the author's fault - it

One of the best "sailors' yarns" I've yet to encounter. It's a far-fetched tale requiring a generous suspension of disbelief -- but of course that's the way of sailors' yarns. Besides the high adventure, Russell's accounts of ocean storms, in this case the most notoriously hostile of locales around

A very intense and well written book. Thanks to my GR friend Debbie for finding this one. The descriptions of the shipwreck and being stranded on the ice were great and really kept my interest. However, the last few pages of the book seemed a bit rushed and I would have liked some more detailed desc

The ultimate shipwreck victim! Nothing like being totally alone near the South Pole after your ship is sunk by an iceberg, then managing to find a land mass that, oops, is just another HUGE iceberg. You find a dead-frozen pirate, and then find his ship, iced in a ravine on the ice island, just in ti

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