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The Frog Prince and Other Stories

Walter Crane

Book Overview: 

Here are three charming fairy tales with happy endings. They feature an enchanted frog; a princess, her brothers, and a dastardly plot against them; and a magical lamp with a Genius inside.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Oh, dear father, when I was sitting yesterday playing by the fountain, my golden ball fell into the water, and this Frog fetched it up again because I cried so much: but first, I must tell you, he pressed me so much, that I promised him he should be my companion. I never thought that he could come out of the water, but somehow he has jumped out, and now he wants to come in here."

[9]At that moment there was another knock, and a voice said,—

"King's daughter, youngest,

Open the door.

Hast thou forgotten

Thy promises made

At the fountain so clear

'Neath the lime-tree's shade?

King's daughter, youngest,

Open the door."

Then the King said, "What you have promised, that you must perform; go and let him in." So the King's daughter went and opened the door, and the Frog hopped in after her right up to her. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This only took a couple minutes to read but it was very enjoyable. My favorite part of this was the illustrations. They are done in a beautiful greek style and are very eye catching. It was great to see the stories imagined in a different way by this great artist.

Richly detailed, colorful illustrations. (wood-engraving?)

Another one that was very strange.

The Frog Prince - The princess, again was very superficial. There was no kissing frogs anywhere and I was a little confused at how *throwing a frog against the wall warranted him turning into a prince and wanting to marry her!* It made no sense to me.

Princess Belle

It's.....okay, I guess.

'The Frog Prince' begins with the best of all lines with which to open a fairytale, much better than 'Once upon a time...' if you ask me:

'In the olden time, when wishing was having...'

Unfortunately these characterless retellings go swiftly downhill from there. 'Princess Belle-Etoile' is a highly e

Two of these three stories are readily found in other locations, but I wanted to see Crane's illustrations. They have a different 'feeling,' than do the illustrations in modern books. For example the "exceedingly beautiful" daughter has a 'ski slope' nose that forms a straight line from the top of h

The Frog Prince and Other Stories is a collection of three fairy tales illustrated by Walter Crane.

The collection contains The Frog Prince, Princess Belle-Etoile, and Aladdin.

Princess Belle-Etoile was the only story I hadn't previously read, but it's your typical fairy tale fare of a jealous woman t

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