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Sinclair Lewis

Book Overview: 

This road trip novel is set in the early twentieth century and follows the experiences of an aristocratic New Englander and her father as they travel by automobile from Minneapolis to Seattle. She is wooed and won by a noble but simple commoner she meets along the way. Lewis is at his usual wryly humorous self, poking fun at the upper class and treating the common people only slightly better.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Page_76" id="Page_76">[76] people, but imprison this cook for life. Really! I mean it!"

"Well, he probably does the best he——"

"He does not! These eggs and this bread were perfectly good, before he did black magic over them. And did you see the contemptuous look he gave me when I was so eccentric as to order toast? Oh, Reaper, Reaper, you desire a modern town, yet I wonder if you know how many thousands of tourists go from coast to coast, cursing you? If I could only hang that restaurant man—and the others like him—in a rope of his own hempen griddle cakes! The Great American Frying Pan! I don't expect men building a new town to have time to read Hugh Walpole and James Branch Cabell, but I do expect them to afford a cook who can fry eggs!"

As she paid the check, Claire tried to think of some protest which would have any effect on the obese wits of the restaurant man. In face of his pink puffiness she gave it up. . . . Read More

Community Reviews

Road trip!!

It's fascinating to read novels written in their time especially when literary commentary is included. These works are now 'historical' novels, no affectation, no interpretation, just clean recording of what was happening then and what society's response was, meaning Lewis's.

In this novel, publishe

I really enjoy reading Sinclair Lewis. His books are written for a contemporaneous audience so he uses the commonly used slang for the period and expects his reader to understand his references because they were commonly used at the time. To me this is much better than historical fiction and puts me

Oh, what a great story. A love story. I am in love with Sinclair Lewis.

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