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Gene Stratton-Porter

Book Overview: 

Freckles is a young man who has been raised since infancy in a Chicago orphanage. His one dream is to find a job, a place to belong and people who accept him despite his youth and the disability of having only one hand. He finds this place in the Limberlost Swamp, as Mr. McLean’s Limberlost guard of precious timber.

In the process, he discovers a love for the wilderness and animals he encounters every day on his rounds and a burning desire to learn about all the new birds and plants he sees on his rounds every day. He also finds and falls in love with a girl he calls the “Swamp Angel.” This is the story of his plucky courage in sticking to his job in the swamp, and his adventures in learning about the natural world he finds himself in every day. He is befriended by the “Bird Woman” and with her help learns to love the Limberlost he has been hired to guard.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Every day he planted new flowers, cut back rough bushes, and coaxed out graceful ones. His pride in his room was very great, but he had no idea how surprisingly beautiful it would appear to anyone who had not witnessed its growth and construction.

This morning Freckles walked straight to his case, unlocked it, and set his apparatus and dinner inside. He planted a new specimen he had found close the trail, and, bringing his old scrap-bucket from the corner in which it was hidden, from a near-by pool he dipped water to pour over his carpet and flowers.

Then he took out the bird book, settled comfortably on a bench, and with a deep sigh of satisfaction turned to the section headed. "V." Past "veery" and "vireo" he went, down the line until his finger, trembling with eagerness, stopped at "vulture."

"'Great black California vulture,'" he read.

"Humph! This side the Rockies will do for us."

"'Common turkey-buzzard.'" Read More

Community Reviews

(Spoiler alert!) I chose this because I absolutely LOVE Laddie (also by the author). This one was okay. I would have given it one more star, but I didn't like the ending. Freckles was an orphan who didn't know his parents and who had a terrible childhood, but he turned into an honest, honorable youn

Even better than A Girl Of The Limberlost!

Freckles is and Irish orphan who has spent nearly all twenty of his years in a foundling home, stories abound of how, when he was only a few months old he was brutally beaten and left more dead than alive on the orphanage steps. Freckles wishes he knew for s

This book was written several generations ago. When I first read it (more than 40 years ago?) it was a bit dated already, but a basic coming of age plus love interest story, with a lot of tidbits about nature thrown in. Rereading it now, I found myself noticing the cultural differences between now a

What a beautiful sweet story, maybe a tad too good to be true, but I really enjoyed it!

An amazing book that I can't even find words to express...

Oh Freckles! Is there anyone like you left in the whole wide world??

Simply wonderful. Looking forward to reading The Girl of Limberlost.

I would give this book more than 5 stars. I love Freckles. A young man of integrity and grace.

My favorite book in the whole wide world. Just read it. :)

It was a charming tale. A sweet love story, a harmony of the nature, good and brave people, honorable and devoted feelings. In other words an old fashioned story.

One can't expect reality. If one does expect one will be disappointed. Because although there aren't dragons or magic fairies, such stori

I began reading Gene Stratton-Porter's book when I was a teenager, and I realize now that as an adult, they are rather boring, at least to me.
I began reading Gene Stratton-Porter's book when I was a teenager, and I realize now, as an adult, they are rather boring to me, or at least this one was.


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