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Franklin's Way to Wealth

Benjamin Franklin

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Book Excerpt: 
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A GRAMMATICAL CATECHISM for the use of Schools, upon the plan of Lindley Murray.

"This manual is particularly adapted to the purposes of examination and catechetical instruction, and will be found of the utmost service in weekly grammatical enquiries."

This Day is Published, Price 5s. 12mo. bound,

THE PAGAN MYTHOLOGY of ancient Greece and Rome versified, accompanied with Philosophical Elucidations of the probable latent meaning of some of the Fables of the Ancients, on a theory entirely new. By R. ATKINS. Illustrated by twenty-two Cuts on Wood.

"This little work is intended as an easy Introduction to the Mythology of ancient Greece and Rome, and is particularly adapted to the use of Schools, being divested of the obscene allegories introduced by the ancients in their usual figurative style. It is certainly better calculated to co. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Hodgepodge of ideological advice which Franklin synthesized from his Poor Richard's Almanack arranged as a type of sermon from "Father Abraham". Certainly contains some witty adages and timeless truisms on prudence, temperance, and diligence, but overall its philosophy is a secularized "Calvinist...more

An interesting read from Colonial America's Renaissance man. Franklin frequently quotes his alias, Poor Richard. He also laments high taxes under the crown (then 10% ).

A few wonderful, noteworthy quotes :

"Lost time can never be found again."

"One today is worth two t...more

Ο Δρόμος προς τον Πλούτο αποτελεί ένα εξαισιο δείγμα πρακτικής σοφίας που ξεχειλίζει απο την βαθιά κατανόηση της ζωής που προσφέρει η αεικίνητη παρατήρηση συνδυαζόμενη με την άσβεστη δίψα για γνώση. Ειδική αναφορά οφείλω να κάνω για την επιστολή στην Δεσποινίδα Στιβενσον (16-5-1760) η οποία αποτε...more

Pretty good. Don't take out loans and invest. Don't bite off more than you can chew. And work an honest days work. Good stuff from a well-learnt man. Full of quotes from Poor Richards Almanac, I figure Ben loved it, so I will read this next too! :)

Cordelia Flyte: If you weren't an agnostic, I should ask you for five shillings to buy a black goddaughter.

Charles Ryder: Nothing will surprise me about your religion.

Cordelia Flyte: It's a new thing the priests started last term. You send five bobs to some nuns in Africa, and they Christen a bab...more

Some real protestant work ethic secular asceticism if I ever saw it.

Very short book that does a great job of extracting the parts of Franklin's autobiography and almanac on matters relevant to setting yourself up for success in business. "Experience keeps a dear school, but fools learn in no other" is one of my favourite quotes from the book. Another one on the d...more

Good advice for retards with no common sense

We are taxed twice as much by our idleness. Idleness taxes many of us much more, if we reckon all that is spent in absolute sloth, or doing of nothing, with that which is spent in idle employments or amusements, that amount to nothing.

Sloth,by bringing on diseases, absolutely shortens life.


موضوع کتاب راه ثروت، نوشته بنجامین فرانکلین مجموعه درس هایی هست که در طول عمرش در خصوص دولتمندی و ثروت فرا گرفت.

محتوای کتاب توصیه های فرانکلین شامل چهار پند کلی هست در این کتاب که شامل تلاش، اعتماد نکردن بیجا و کورکورانه، صرف جویی و غرض نکردن پول (بدهکار نبودن) می شه.
نکته جالبی که متوجش شدم ضرب...more

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