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Four Weird Tales

Algernon Blackwood

Book Overview: 

Four stories: The Insanity of Jones, The Man Who Found Out, The Glamour of the Snow, and Sand. Tales by one the greatest practitioners of supernatural literature. Reincarnation, the Occult, and mystery.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .reat end we are destined in the ultimate fullness of things?"

Dr. Laidlaw sat speechless. These outbursts of mystical enthusiasm he had witnessed before. With any other man he would not have listened to a single sentence, but to Professor Ebor, man of knowledge and profound investigator, he listened with respect, because he regarded this condition as temporary and pathological, and in some sense a reaction from the intense strain of the prolonged mental concentration of many days.

He smiled, with something between sympathy and resignation as he met the other's rapt gaze.

"But you have said, sir, at other times, that you consider the ultimate secrets to be screened from all possible—"

"The ultimate secrets, yes," came the unperturbed reply; "but that there lies buried somewhere an indestructible record of the secret meaning of life, originally known to men in the days of their pristine innocence, I am convinced. And, by this stra. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The Insanity of Jones - its theme is either mental illness or revenge and reincarnation. Either way a good story. Whatever you chose to think, you'll still get an interesting story of obsession. (3)

The Man Who Found Out ends abruptly. A scholar has to watch his long time friend and mentor's life dec

Such efforts have been put in the first three of the stories to pull us into their substance(at some times only). But SAND that is the largest, driest and overwritten of all neutralizes the other three stories by making the book dull as a whole.
And I had to try my hard best to complete it.

The Insanity of Jones - 3 stars. Reincarnation revenge.
The Man Who Found Out - 3 stars. Forbidden knowledge.
The Glamour of the Snow - 4 stars. Pagan snow spirit.
Sand - 2 stars. Summoning Egyptian gods.

Not my favorites by him to be honest. But that last one was pretty great, if only for its obvious influence upon lovecraft

Ol' Algernon is always enjoyable, if a bit hit-or-miss with his offerings.

The Insanity of Jones - A man seeks revenge for a wrong done to him in a previous life. Or he's crazy; take your pick.

The Man Who Found Out - What if there is a meaning to life, and it turns out to be depressing? Part of the C

The Insanity of Jones - 4/5
The Man Who Found Out - 3/5
The Glamour of the Snow - 3.5/5
Sand - 1.5/5

Se è vero che Algernon Blackwood è il mio autore horror preferito e uno dei miei autori preferiti in generale, è vero pure che non consiglierei affatto questo libro per iniziare a conoscere questo autore

A very talented master of weird, with an uncanny gift for bringing landcapes to life. The novella about Egypt is on a par with The Willows, if a little wordy at times.

The best of all writing, to me, is the sort that makes you lose track of the words and begin to experience the story with your senses. Even better still, when those sensual experiences trigger half buried memories and wake parts of the mind that have long been sleeping and ask them to think, really

Classic horror (and by classic I mean old, which oddly enough seems to be the main criteria for such things) for the most part fails to wow me. This book was no exception. I've read Wendigo by Blackwood before, so I had a fairly decent idea of what to expect (mainly exhaustive abundantly verbose des

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