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The Fortunate Mistress or Roxana

Daniel Defoe

Book Overview: 

The full title of the novel is Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress Or, a History of the Life and Vast Variety of Fortunes of Mademoiselle de Beleau, Afterwards Called the Countess de Wintselsheim. The novel concerns the story of an unnamed "fallen woman", the second time Defoe created such a character (the first was a similar female character in Moll Flanders). In Roxana, a woman who takes on various pseudonyms, including "Roxana," describes her fall from wealth thanks to abandonment by a "fool" of a husband and movement into prostitution upon his abandonment. Roxana moves up and down through the social spectrum several times. (Summary by Wikipedia)

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I was satisfied that I was not deceived; when one morning early, when we were in bed together, I said to him, "My lord, I doubt your Highness never gives yourself leave to think what the case should be if I should have the honour to be with child by you." "Why, my dear," says he, "we are able to keep it if such a thing should happen; I hope you are not concerned about that." "No, my lord," said I; "I should think myself very happy if I could bring your Highness a son; I should hope to see him a lieutenant-general of the king's armies by the interest of his father, and by his own merit." "Assure yourself,[Pg 112] child," says he, "if it should be so, I will not refuse owning him for my son, though it be, as they call it, a natural son; and shall never slight or neglect him, for the sake of his mother." Then he began to importune me to know if it was so, but I positively denied it so long, till at last I was able to give him the satisfaction of knowing it himself by the moti. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This book has the most modern, compelling and insightful argument about why women of 1724 were better to stay unmarried, which is an absolute must read and highlights all Roxana's strengths. I promise, the rest of the novel is NOTHING like this. If you're interested in checking it out, skip to the b

In the realm of odd comparisons to make between books, here’s one: This one and Interview With The Vampire. Not because there are any vampires or anything (obviously), but because of my feelings toward the respective protagonists. The main thing I remember about reading Interview is how much Louis a

Defoe ugye a Robinsonban megírta a protestáns munkamorál himnuszát, a csodát, ahogy a keresztény fehér ember a semmibe kivetve is képes a két kezével újrateremteni a civilizációt. Hajlamos vagyok azt gondolni, hogy ez a kötet ennek női párdarabja. Mert amikor hősnőnket öt gyerekkel a nyakán otthagyj

La storia è sulla falsariga di Moll flanders. Narra le.peripezie di una donna che, trovandosi in difficoltà economiche causa morti o defezioni di mariti, trova nuovi mariti, sforna una gran quantità di figli che, il più delle volte non si sa che fine facciano, sceglie di viver da mantenuta nel lusso


Hans Makart: Marble Hearts (1880).

Daniel Defoe, famoso per il suo celebre Robinson Crusoe, è considerato il padre del romanzo inglese, e quindi in pratica del romanzo moderno in generale: ma si avvicinò alla scrittura narrativa quando aveva già quasi sessant’anni.
Di romanzi ne scri

If someone were to say to me, "Listen, I have the time and inclination to read just one book by Defoe (or one English novel from the period of 1700-1725 — same thing!), which should it be?" my only possible response to them could be, "Why, Roxana of course!" Viz., that in my opinion not only is Roxa

Oh! It's so deliciously old! Sentences that stretch for paragraphs; seemingly random capitalization scattered about the pages! And yet, it is so human a story you can hardly believe the creature that called themselves humans in the 1720s could have so much in common with you, your very self. Everyon

This is from the same author who wrote Moll Flanders. I did not like that book, and... I did not like this one either. As a history buff, i love reading old novels, as they give you a good peek into what life was like back in the old days, from people who actually lived during these times.

I think pa

Okay so, I would have never read this if it hadn’t been on the 1001 Books to Read Before you Die list. I’m glad that it’s on the list!
I was amused by Lady Roxana’s antics, and feel that this was mere child’s play compared to modern morality. It gives you a perspective of how strict and stressful li

Daniel Defoe, the popular 1700s smut peddler, is back with another sexy story about sexy sluts having sex - and this one might be his dirtiest yet! Roxana offers her maid up for sexual purposes to her lover! She dresses like a harem slave and puts on sexy little dance numbers! It's not as dirty as f

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