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At the Foot of the Rainbow

Gene Stratton-Porter

Book Overview: 

This story is about three people, two men and a woman. Jimmy, selfish and deceitful, who has shamelessly lied to, cheated, and used his dear friend Dannie for years. His wife Mary, who loves another. And finally Dannie himself, the patient, kind, loving and thoughtful friend of both Jimmie and Mary. He would do anything for them, but what will he do when he find out Jimmy's terrible secret?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .cimen, of watching, of disappointments, and triumphs. I love it especially among my book children because it represents my highest ideals in the making of a nature book, and I can take any skeptic afield and prove the truth of the natural history it contains."

In August of 1913 the author's novel "Laddie" was published in New York, London, Sydney and Toronto simultaneously. This book contains the same mixture of romance and nature interest as the others, and is modelled on the same plan of introducing nature objects peculiar to the location, and characters, many of whom are from life, typical of the locality at a given period. The first thing many critics said of it was that "no such people ever existed, and no such life was ever lived." In reply to this the author said: "Of a truth, the home I described in this book I knew to the last grain of wood in the doors, and I painted, it with absolute accuracy; and many of the people I described I knew more intimate. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Long, slow tragedy. If these people would just communicate they would have no problems.

What an engrossing story of friendship—close enough friendship that the better of the two men, in diligently covering for the weaker man's faults, sees only the man Jimmy could/should be and not the weak, cowardly man who lies and drinks and shirks. By contrast, we see how big a man Dannie really is

I have read several of the authors works, and have liked them all. However, this one title was difficult for me to finish... The storyline is very slow, and made (for me) interesting reading. It took me forever to finish this book and I found myself finishing it in segments, between which I would re

I almost put this book down. I never put a book down unread so that is saying something. I am really glad I kept reading.

This book begins with Jimmy who has a thick Scottish accent that is hard to read. The first two maybe three chapters were unbearably long. While the accent stays, the dialogue thi

Wonderful, heartwarming, classic romance

From beginning to end I had a favorite character that I was rooting for every page I turned! I won't include any spoliers, suffice it to say though that the ending is beautiful!! The story itself is chock full of descriptive imagery that indulged every sense y

This one wasn't my favorite Gene-Stratton Porter, but still a good tale!

I have read several books by Gene Stratton-Porter and love them all for the same reason - they are idealistic showing how people can learn to love, change, forgive and become great in character with unselfish behaviors. This book is no different although I have enjoyed others more. Danny is a noble

This one was hard to get into, but I am glad I stuck with it. You have to get used to the dialect of the characters, and it takes a little while... Once you do the story really starts to unfold, and it's pretty crazy. Basically it is about a co-dependent relationship between two men (friends, but mo

Reread 5/21/2020:

I find myself appreciating this book a great deal more on the reread, enough to up the rating to 5 stars. I swear, Dannie is just so sweet and innocent, and I like Mary a lot more, and I understand Jimmy a lot better. I think it wasn't in 14- or 15-year-old me to quite grasp what wa

I appreciate the honest of this story, as well as the ending. Although I found myself wanting the ending to unfold differently initially, I grew to understand the humanness of it. Very thought provoking. I will definitely read it again.

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