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The Flying Stingaree

Harold L. Goodwin

Book Overview: 

This is another adventure in the Rick Brant Science series, set on Chesapeake Bay and involving mysterious, sting ray-shaped drones and missing persons

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Get the lines ready," Rick requested. "I'll back in."

He throttled down and let the houseboat move slowly past the dock while he yelled a greeting to Steve Ames. There were no obstacles, and just enough room for the boat. He reversed his motors and threw his helm hard over, backing slowly into position. Scotty stood ready with a line, which he heaved to Steve. Then Scotty ran lightly to the foredeck and got the bowline ready. The houseboat nestled against the dock smoothly and Rick killed the motors. Then the three old friends were shaking hands and grinning from ear to ear.

"I've been watching since yesterday afternoon," Steve told them. "That storm last night worried me some. I didn't know whether you could ride it out or not."

"No trouble," Rick said. "We ran into Swamp Creek on the north side of the river and spent the night there." He watched the agent's face closely, but Steve didn't react.

"Come on in," Steve invited. "Coffee's . . . Read More

Community Reviews

The big hand drawn tables would be replaced by a spreadsheet.

Could mail have made it from MD to NJ on the same day?
It's pretty updatable since we still launch rockets from Wallops Island.
But it seems less likely that the customer for the data would think the publicly available data is inaccurate.

4 1/2 stars. I really enjoyed this. It had a lot of local flavor--literally, quite a few descriptions of the Chesapeake Bay delicacies--which gave it great sense of place without seeming like a travelogue. It was also a good story with accurate portrayal of the scientific process in some detail that

The Flying Stingaree (love the spelling!) is my favorite of the later books in the series; the earlier ones ran better than two-hundred pages and the later ones were less than one-eighty, so there was far less attention to the settings and characterizations, with a resultant lack of humor and develo

An effort to tie the hard science (not science fiction) series into the interest in UFOs in the sixties, and brilliantly done, while sticking to the commitment by the author to stick to absolute reality and not to speculate about the fantastic.

I always learn something prosaic and technical from thes

The Flying Stingaree is the first book I've read in Rick Brant's science adventures, and I will defiantly come back for more of the series.
Rick and Scotty remind me of the Hardy Boys, but easier to read, without all the outdated sayings of the day.
Author John Blaine weaves math (collecting data) a

I grabbed this because I wanted to know what a Stingaree is! Sad to say, it's just an out-of-use term for a (view spoiler)[stingray (hide spoiler)]. :( Rick and Scotty were referred to as "boys" throughout the book, but traveled alone in a houseboat across a few states and drank coffee. Never did I find out how old they are.