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The Fire and the Sword

Frank M. Robinson

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Takeoff was only seconds away.

Why do people commit suicide?

"It's a nice day, isn't it, Ted?" Eckert took a deep and pleasurable breath. "It's the type of day that makes you feel good just to be alive."

Warm breezes rustled through Eckert's graying hair and tugged gently at his tunic. The air smelled as if it had been washed and faintly perfumed with the balsamy scent of something very much like pine. A few hundred yards away, a forest towered straight and slim and coolly inviting, and brilliantly colored birds whirled and fluttered in the foliage.

The rocketport, where they were standing surrounded by their luggage, was a grassy valley where the all too infrequent ships could land and discharge cargo or make repairs. There was a blackened patch on it now, with little blast-ignited flames dying out around the edges. It won't be long before it will be green again, he thought. The grass looked as though it grew fast—it would . . . Read More

Community Reviews

Well looks like its all been said already, this is a great book, it covers not only the Order of the Knights Templar but the Crusades as well, what more could you ask for? The narrative is rich with history, people and places and the author conveys the times well. This is a great story and leaves yo

Historical accounts written in nearly a novel form, including plot twists, side stories and little bias (respect to many groups discussed). The author includes background and "meanwhile" type facts without breaking from placing the reader in a "you are there" mindset - something rarely approached or

Reading Dungeon, Fire, and Sword is like watching a horrifying train wreck: you can't avert your eyes from the shocking reality of just how terribly bad the site really is. Not because Robinson's writing is poor; He writes a compelling story about the Knights Templar. It's just the subject matter! H

Very dense, very informative historical gloss on the formation of the Templars, not to mention the political underpinings of the crusades for Christian and Muslim. I have to say that having read this purely factual account,based on medieval records, it's baffling that so many truly bizarre conspirac

Eminently readable from an author who both had a comprehensive understanding of the subjective and can communicate his enthusiasm. Things never change this book covers several centuries of conflict between Islam and Christianity, between Sunni and Shiite, between various factions of Christians.
At th

It's an interesting enough book, and the amount of detail and research that went into certainly cannot be denied. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite what I was looking for. The text is dense and dry, and there is more information about The Crusades themselves than the Templars' role during that time. So

A bit too much detail for me about the crusades themselves and the people involved, and not enough about the early development and subsequent evolvement of the Templars. While it is interesting to read about the individuals who influenced the crusades, and about their marriages and power struggles,

Was really more interested in reading this for the history of the crusades, rather than the Knights Templar.

And ye gods, what a shitshow of creed malevolence and incompetence the Crusades were.

This was an excellent book. It does cover the Templars in some detail, but I think this seems more like a broad history of the whole Crusader era. The lives and politics of popes, kings, Templars and sultans is covered in some detail.

There are whole sections of the book that talk about everything bu

Dungeon, Fire and Sword by John J. Robinson provides a chronological history of the Templars that is based for the most part on historical fact rather than fantasy, mystery, hysteria or conspiracy theories. Compared to most of the books out there which want to see Templars behind every bush and tran

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