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Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know

Hamilton Wright Mabie

Book Overview: 

This is a collection of well known fairy tales by various authors, including the Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault and many others.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ound they should have enough left for supper, and two meals for the next day.

When Aladdin's mother had taken away and set by what was left, she went and sat down by her son on the sofa, saying, "I expect now that you should satisfy my impatience, and tell me exactly what passed between the genie and you while I was in a swoon"; which he readily complied with.

She was in as great amazement at what her son told her, as at the appearance of the genie; and said to him, "But, son, what have we to do with genies? I never heard that any of my acquaintance had ever seen one. How came that vile genie to address himself to me, and not to you, to whom he had appeared before in the cave?" "Mother," answered Aladdin, "the genie you saw is not the one who appeared to me. If you remember, he that I first saw called himself the slave of the ring on my finger; and this you saw, called himself the slave of the lamp you had in you. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I noticed that Hamilton Wright Mabie combines different elements into one fairytale. For example:
* One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes was very similar to Cinderella
* The Magic Mirror had echoes of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
* The start of the Enchanted Stag sounded a lot like Hansel and Gretel
I was e

Not having really ever hearing the true fairy tales other than Disney or other modern children's story tailing, now I know the really tales. While the Disney spins of these tales are good and great moral values are taught to children, the actual fairy tales are much better and give a better lesson o

Extended versions (full version?) of all the familiar childhood fairy tales like Aladdin & Alibaba, Hansel & Gretel etc, refreshing to read these again as an adult and realise how dark these tales actually are.

In terms of retellings of fairytales that were perfectly fine before they were re-told, this is a book full of bad ones. I suspect some of them are just bad translations, but the prose is pretty awful in more than one place, and the stories are told awkwardly. Which is an unforgivable sin for a coll

A bunch of old fairy tales, pulled from various sources.

I'll do them by author, since they're hard to classify all in one chunk.

Grimm's Fairy Tales
"The Magic Mirror", "Hansel and Grethel", etc
No plot, no character development, a few are hideously abridged (although I can't tell if this is just a par

It was weird, some of these stories seemed sanitised (Cinderella for example), while others revelled in the tradition of gory fairy tales for children. Of course, we did have the perfect princesses and brave princes, but I did detect a note of sarcasm on occasion. Still, a nice read which took me ba

Next time I hear anyone talk about how violent movies and video games are and how they are so bad for the kids, I am going to point them in the direction of this book. If I were to pick any book to have someone read in the hope that they would suffer from nightmares, it would be this one and this co

I had a similar book in Spanish growing up. I grew up knowing that fairy tales are dark and not always have a happy ending. But I love them! I love the morals they teach, and the fact that they teach us not to see life through pink colored glasses. And I love that my 9 year old twins can read them t

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