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Fairy Tales from Brazil

Elsie Spicer Eells

Book Overview: 

This book, subtitled "How and Why Tales from Brazilian Folk-Lore", is a collection of short stories, most of them etiological myths from Brazilian Indian Folklore.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .and the owner sought a workman to clear the ground for him to plant.

The tiger called all the beasts together and said to them when they had assembled, "I need a good workman at once to clear my farm of the underbrush. To the one of you who will do this work I offer an ox in payment."[34]

The monkey was the first one to step forward and apply for the position. The tiger tried him for a little while but he was not a good workman at all. He did not work steadily enough to accomplish anything. The tiger discharged him very soon and he did not pay him.

Then the tiger hired the goat to do the work. The goat worked faithfully enough but he did not have the brains to do the work well. He would clear a little of the farm in one place and then he would go away and work on another part of it. He never finished anything neatly. The tiger discharged him very soon without paying him.

Next the tiger tried the armadillo. The armadillo was very strong . . . Read More

Community Reviews

مجموعة قصصية لطيفة تتحدث عن الحيوانات وكيف أصبحت تملك صفاتها الحالية ..
فالأرنب كان ذو ذيل طويل، و فرو النمر كان موحد اللون دون بقع! بينما القرد كان موسيقياً مُذهلاً لا يخدع الناس بألاعيبة، وحتى حيات البحر كُن أميرات مسحورات في البحار !

قصص لطيفة، قصيرة بمجملها لكنها تحمل عدة معاني كأي قصص خيالية شع

I'm Brazilian -- born and raised -- and I grew up listening to all sorts of tales about my country and people, from the fantastical to the truly heartbreaking. It "helped" that both my grandparents came from the Northwest of the country, where oral storytelling is strong and thriving even to this da

Fun collection of fairy tales from Brazil I wonder about what aspects of life in Brazil they are meant for. Clearly animals and important and they have specific personalities.

Not the greatest fan of animal fairy tales, but these were enjoyable. AND short.

Bright Brazilian tales

I thoroughly enjoyed the little book of Brazilian folk lore. The stories themselves are delightful . None of these stories are dark like you may find in other collections. Anyone who enjoys fairy tales from other cultures will enjoy this collection.