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The Eye of Osiris

R. Austin Freeman

Book Overview: 

The Eye of Osiris is an early example from the Dr. Thorndyke series of detective stories written by R. Austin Freeman. In these stories, the author drew on his extensive medical and scientific knowledge for his main character, a medico-legal expert who relies on forensic evidence and logical deduction in solving cases. In this case, Thorndyke steps in to investigate the disappearance of one John Bellingham, an English gentleman and amateur Egyptologist, who has vanished under very mysterious circumstances. Thorndyke’s involvement in the case arises from a both purely professional interest in the unique character of the case, as well as from the fact that a young doctor and former student of his has recently become closely acquainted with the missing man’s brother and niece.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Then I could come along in the afternoon and you could read out the selected passages to me, and I could take them down in shorthand. We should get through as much in a couple of hours as you could in a day using long-hand."

"Oh, but how kind of you, Dr. Berkeley!" she exclaimed. "How very kind! Of course, I couldn't think of taking up all your leisure in that way; but I do appreciate your kindness very much."

I was rather chapfallen at this very definite refusal, but persisted feebly:

"I wish you would. It may seem rather a cheek for a comparative stranger like me to make such a proposal to a lady; but if you'd been a man—in those special circumstances—I should have made it all the same, and you would have accepted as a matter of course."

"I doubt that. At any rate, I am not a man. I sometimes wish I were."

"Oh, I am sure you are much better as you are!" I exclaim. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Loved it. Wish I had read it when I first bought it over 30 years ago. (Why did I wait so long?) Yes, the language, especially in dialogs, was a bit formal and stilted to a modern ear. Yes, the gender attitudes were old-fashioned. (What else would I expect in a book written in the 1911?) But the sto

Actual rating: 4,75 / 5

“Horrible discovery in a watercress-bed!”

One November day in 1902, John Bellingham disappears from the study of a friend's house where he had been waiting for his friend to return home. Two years later, there has still been no sign of him and his potential heirs are left in limbo, unable to exec

Tôi chỉ thấy nó hay ở hai chương cuối cùng. May là nó còn hay đấy nhé. :))

Đầu tiên là khen đã:
Trinh thám cổ điển - trinh thám pháp y. Chủ đề mới, đọc rất lạ, khá thú vị. Thêm nữa là mớ kiến thức tác giả nhồi vào cuốn này hơi không dễ đọc cho lắm. Thật ra thì em cũng đọc và biết thế, chứ có phải chu

Sometimes one is disappointed when reading a “classic” wondering just what it was that made others rate a book so highly. That has happened to this reviewer often enough to make approaching “must-reads” and “classics” filled with trepidation. In this case, however, the reasons why so many have inclu

A wonderful mystery with just the right spookiness to hold your attention right through. The suspense builds and builds right to the end and the conclusion perfect. What could be better than a mystery all tied up with archaeologists?

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