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The Exploits of Juve

Pierre Souvestre and Marcel Allain

Book Overview: 

The second book in the Fantômas series by the prolific authors Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre (they published 32 Fantômas novels.) Fantômas broke the mold of the Gentlemen burglars like Raffles and Arsene Lupin. He killed without compunction. His anarchic ruthlessness, especially as portrayed by silent film pioneer Louis Feuillade, made Fantômas the darling of the French avante garde, such as the artist René Magritte and novelist Robert Desnos.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Look, doctor, your safe has been overturned, broken in and ransacked," answered Juve, as he and Fandor cautiously lifted the woman. The body was a mass of contusions and appeared to be one large wound.

Juve turned to the doctor, who, livid with consternation, was holding up a small grey linen bag which had contained his bonds.

"Come, doctor, calm yourself and give us some information. Can you make anything of it?"

"Nothing! nothing! I heard nothing. Who is this woman? I don't know her!"

Fandor pointed to a small shoe lying in a corner.

"A fashionable woman," he said.

"Quite so," was Juve's reply, and putting his hands on Chaleck's shoulders he inquired: "A friend of yours, a mistress, eh? Come now, don't deny it."[Pg 39]

"Deny!" protested the doctor, "deny what? You are not accusing me, are you? I know nothing of what has taken place here, and, as you see, have been robbed into the bargain."

"Is sh. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This is an intriguing crime adventure story, centered around a criminal mastermind, that actually makes its crime fighting protagonists as interesting as the villain.
The narrative is structured so that we don't for sure see Fantomas for most of the book, but his presence is definitely felt. Even wi

About a world where no one is himself.

Completely bonkets! In a good way, of course.

Fantômas has become a legend. I first heard about him years ago. But this is the first time I have read any fiction in which he appears. He is a master villain and relentlessly pursued by Inspector Juve, who must surely be one of the oddest detectives in

A wonderful book full of so many many plots, schemes and double crosses that your head will spin.
The resolution of the murders and the mysterious house are the kind of stuff that you could never get away with nowadays, but since I hate most modern crime fiction, I thought it was brilliant.
The Fantom

I wanted to like this book more; it had everything––french detectives dressing up in disguises (old women, the indubitable false mustache, et al), heavyweight champions, hidden chamber shenanigans, masked villains, crazy capers... I juss dunno why it was so impossible at times to drink pages. Perhap

Originally published in French in 1911, this title has also been translated as The Silent Executioner. It is the second installment in the series Fantômas, which I stumbled upon a few years ago. I think not many series are named after the criminal rather than the detective. As such, we know that the

Fabulous read

This is a great book. I think of it as the French version of Sherlock Holmes. I will be searching out the other books on this series.

Absurd, creepy, paced like a car race, as shlocky as you expect from a Fantômas novel. Juve in particular gets more room to breathe than in the first book, it was satisfying to see him have some kind of personality. I also feel like this story has more forward motion than the first book. My main cri

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