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The Europeans

Henry James

Book Overview: 

The Europeans: A sketch is a short novel by Henry James. It is essentially a comedy contrasting the behavior and attitudes of two visitors from Europe with those of their relatives living in the ‘new’ world of New England.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I want you to know me."

"It seems natural that we should know each other," Mr. Wentworth rejoined. "We are near relatives."

"Ah, there comes a moment in life when one reverts, irresistibly, to one's natural ties—to one's natural affections. You must have found that!" said Eugenia.

Mr. Wentworth had been told the day before by Felix that Eugenia was very clever, very brilliant, and the information had held him in some suspense. This was the cleverness, he supposed; the brilliancy was beginning. "Yes, the natural affections are very strong," he murmured.

"In some people," the Baroness declared. "Not in all." Charlotte was walking beside her; she took hold of her hand again, smiling always. "And you, cousine, where did you get that enchanting complexion?" she went on; "such lilies and roses?" The roses in poor Charlotte's countenance began speedily to predominate over the lilies, and she quickened her step and reached the po. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Oil and Vinegar

After reading The American, I find myself with a sort of Mirror Image in The Europeans. In the former the American man, who feels boundless, explores, and gets burnt, in the Europe full of boundaries. In The Europeans, we find a couple of siblings who feel bound and look for a wa...more


Eugenia and her brother Felix arrive in Boston from Europe. The next day Felix visits some people. The day after that Eugenia visits them. Three days later their uncle visits them. Something about a painting.

Eugenia flirts with a guy. Somebody got thrown out of co...more

Romanzo breve del 1878, subito dopo “L’americano”, subito prima di “Daisy Miller”.
Faccio una prova, racconto la storia di questo libro buttandola in burletta.

Lee Remick è la baronessa Eugenia Camilla Dolores Münster nel film omonimo di James Ivory del 1979.

C’era una volta u...more


If you are warily debating whether to read Henry James for the first time or not, this early work might be a good place to start. It reads to me as HJ-Lite: full of his ‘typical’ themes but without his so-called obfuscating prose. The final conversation between two of the characters shows off...more

رواية لطيفة نُشرت عام 1878, تندمج مع أجواءها وشخصياتها بسهولة
تعرض صورة للحياة الاجتماعية في أمريكا في أواخر القرن التاسع عشر
الاختلاف بين الأوروبيين والأمريكيين في طريقة المعيشة والنظر للحياة
والطبائع والسلوكيات التي تفرضها البيئة والثقافة في كل بلد
أسلوب هنري جيمس جميل وفيه نبرة تهكمية واضحة في بع...more

Αυτό το βιβλίο μου άρεσε πολύ. Αν και οι «Ευρωπαίοι» είναι ένα από τα πρώιμα έργα του James και σε σύγκριση με τα μεταγενέστερα, ίσως να φαίνεται κάπως φλύαρο στις περιγραφές του, ήδη διακρίνουμε την εξαιρετική ικανότητα του συγγραφέα να διακρίνει και να καταγράφει με ολοζώντανο και θεατρικό τρόπ...more

What makes Henry James so special? You take one setting, place a few persons in it and what it ends in is a really spectacular story consisting only of dialogues and a very good insight in the world and thinking of his personages.

Also this story is almost a comedy on the social behaviour of euro...more

After having read three of his (earlier) works I slowly start to understand why Henry James is called 'the Master'. Again 5 shining stars!

3.5 stars; rounded up.
A brief novella, which is effectively a comedy of manners, in which, on the surface, little happens. It reminded me of Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence. The plot is simple; Felix Young and his sister Eugenia are the Europeans. Felix is a painter, who lives a bohemian lif...more

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