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An Enemy of the People

Henrik Ibsen

Book Overview: 

A small coastal town in Norway is experiencing an economic boom from its newly found hot springs. When Dr. Thomas Stockmann finds that the waters are contaminated and dangerous, the people refuse to accept his statement, and Dr. Stockmann's friends turn against him.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Mrs. Stockmann. I will tell you what, Thomas—you should be good natured, and share the credit of this with him. Couldn't you make out that it was he who set you on the scent of this discovery?

Dr. Stockmann. I am quite willing. If only I can get the thing set right. I—

(MORTEN KIIL puts his head in through the door leading from the hall, looks around in an enquiring manner, and chuckles.)

Morten Kiil (slyly). Is it—is it true?

Mrs. Stockmann (going to the door). Father!—is it you?

Dr. Stockmann. Ah, Mr. Kiil—good morning, good morning!

Mrs. Stockmann. But come along in.

Morten Kiil. If it is true, I will; if not, I am off.

Dr. Stockmann. If what is true?

Morten Kiil. This tale about the water supp. . . Read More

Community Reviews

If it came out today, everyone would immediately read it as referring to climate change and climate change sceptics. Doctor Stockmann has taken up a position where he's responsible for monitoring the baths in the little spa town he's just moved to. He analyses water samples and is shocked to find th

Norwegian Henrik Ibsen’s The Enemy of the People, first produced in 1882, is what we might now call a “whistleblower” tale. Dr. Stockman, brother of the town’s “Burgomaster,” Peter, investigates the source of the resort town’s fortunes, The Baths, and discovers it is being polluted, and for the heal

یکی از پر معنی ترین نمایشنامه هایی بود که تا به امروز خوانده بودم , هر قسمت نمایش واقعیت های جوامع امروزی را فریاد میزد و به قدری زیاد بود که میشد میلیون ها مورد امروزی را با آن مقایسه کرد و مشابه خواند ... در جاهای مختلفی از نمایشنامه طریقه ی خریدن هدف و فکر و سو استفاده از مردم آگاه را نشانمان مید

دشمن مردم بعد از خانه عروسک دومین نمایشنامه ایه که از ایبسن خوندم. محتوای سیاسی و انتقادی اجتماعی "دشمن مردم" به اندازه محتوای فمینیستی " خانه عروسک " به دلم نشست . بعید می دونم از فرط جذاب بودن پیام و مکالمات ، بعد از شروع نمایشنامه بشه رهاش کرد یا حتی زمین گذاشتش. داستان اینجاست که تشخیص داده میشه

Thinking of the times we live in caused a spontaneous re-read of this masterpiece. I understand it is not as popular outside my native Norway as Ibsen's other works, but I sincerely urge every soul do give it a try. It is quite short, and it speaks volumes about some of the greatest problems facing

در سراسر جهان، اکثریت، اکثریت مطلق دائم التزاید، با مردم کودن و کم فهم است. اکثریت، بدبختانه زور دارد، اما هرگز حق ندارد. حق همیشه با اقلیت است.

سومین نمایشنامه ای که از هنریک ایبسن می خونم، و کم کم دارم شیفته ی این مرد میشم.

نمایشنامه خیلی خیلی عالی بود. هر پرده نقاط اوج بی نظیری داشت که بع

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