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The Enchanted Island of Yew

L. Frank Baum

Book Overview: 

A fairy has become bored with her life, and convinces some young girls to transform her into a human boy so she can go on adventures. The adventures come fast and furious, as the newly-named Prince Marvel explores the surrounding kingdoms. A masochistic squire accompanies Marvel, helping him with assorted kings, knights, dragons, and other medieval menaces along the way.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I am glad no one but you two boys will witness me when my feet begin kicking about."

"I shall not kick," declared another of the thieves, who had also regained his senses. "I shall sing while I am being hanged."

"But you can not, my good Gunder," protested the king; "for the rope will cut off your breath, and no man can sing without breath."

"Then I shall whistle," said Gunder, composedly.

The king cast at him a look of reproach, and turning to Prince Marvel he said:

"It will be a great task to string up so many thieves. You look tired. Permit me to assist you to hang the others, and then I will climb into a tree and hang myself from a strong branch, with as little bother as possible."

"Oh, I won't think of troubling you," exclaimed Marvel, with a laugh. "Having conquered you alone, I feel it my duty to hang you without assistance--save that of my esquire."

"It's no trouble, I a. . . Read More

Community Reviews

eponymous sentence:
p49: That a fairy should have assumed a mortal form he never once considered, for such a thing was until then unheard of in the Enchanted Island of Yew.

This a solid fantastical tale for the young ones. It does have similarities with its predecessor, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and

Great story from L Frank Baum with fairy becoming a Prince for a year and having adventures.
I see a lot of how Blyton was influenced by this when she wrote later on.
I've never heard that mentioned but it is pretty obvious, in particular her Faraway tree and wishing chair type adventures.
Baum by the

Indeed Ever since I heard of Frank .L.baum, his work wittingly draged me to enchanted island .
This has really preplexed me with sorcery,done with such sagacity that scarcely a man can reach upto his level...

Are you longing for fairy land

Fun book! You can definitely see the DNA between this and the OZ series with the twisting of logic (but not twisted logic) that makes this very entertaining. It would have been interesting if this series had continued as well. A number of reviews have complained that there's a sexist angle in the ma

A transgender fairy/prince (she tries out being male because they have better adventures) goes adventuring, picking up a peculiar entourage along the way. The plot has a lot of similarities to the Oz books. Baum had a great ability to dream up oddities, and I enjoyed the bizarre characters who fill

Three young girls wander into an enchanted forest and encounter a fairy woman, who tells them she's bored with her perfect, immortal existence and wants to try life as a human. After some discussion, the fairy decides to become a prince, because boys get to have more adventures than girls, apparentl

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