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The Emerald City of Oz

L. Frank Baum

Book Overview: 

The Emerald City of Oz was the sixth Oz book written by L. Frank Baum, a title he hoped would be the last. In this book, Dorothy and her impoverished Uncle Henry and Aunt Em are on the brink of losing their Kansas farm. Consequently, Ozma invites them all to live in the Emerald City. They then explore the countryside, visiting a series of strange beings including the Cuttenclips, the Fuddles, the Rigmaroles, the Flutterbudgets, and the residents of Utensia, Bunbury and Bunnybury. Aunt Em and Uncle Henry also meet old friends like the Wizard, the Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, Jack Pumpkinhead and H. M. Wogglebug T. E. The travelers’ idyll is brought short by the plot of an old enemy, the Nome King. Seeking revenge for the loss of his magic belt, the Nome King has an underground tunnel built so he can invade and plunder Oz and enslave its peoples. Our friends manage to defeat the Nome King and his allies, but sobered by this threat, Glinda and Ozma decide to cut off Oz from the outside world forever. Happily for Oz fans, forever lasted only three years. Baum invented a way to reopen communications with Oz and eight more Oz books were published.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I'll talk to my people," said the Chief.

So he called a meeting of all the Whimsies and told them of the offer made by the Nomes. The creatures were delighted with the bargain, and at once agreed to fight for the Nome King and help him to conquer Oz.

One Whimsie alone seemed to have a glimmer of sense, for he asked:

"Suppose we fail to capture the Magic Belt? What will happen then, and what good will all our fighting do?"

But they threw him into the river for asking foolish questions, and laughed when the water ruined his pasteboard head before he could swim out again.

So the compact was made and General Guph was delighted with his success in gaining such powerful allies.

But there were other people, too, just as important as the Whimsies, whom the clever old Nome had determined to win to his side.

7. How Aunt Em Conquered the Lion

"These are your rooms,". . . Read More

Community Reviews

Wow! Baum totally woke himself up out of the daze he'd been in for a couple of books and comes up with an awesome set of villains, some real sense of _stakes_ (not since "Ozma" had he really gone for that), this great country mouse/city mouse stuff with Aunt Em and Uncle Henry IN OZ, and even a cool

Already the 6th book of The Wizard of Oz Collection. Another adventure of Dorothy and friends.

Dorothy, Uncle Henry and Aunt Em are in Oz after Ozma brought them there. The farm in Kansas is in the hands of the bank, they can no longer afford to stay there. They all get beautiful rooms and the castle

This is the sixth book in the Oz series so time for a recap:

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz- ****

The classic one. Also the most violent in the spirit of an old-fashioned fairy tale. The writing isn't as sharp as a few of the sequels, but the setup, otherworldly feel and clever lessons about self-criticis

Originally published in 1910, this sixth entry in L. Frank Baum's Oz series alternates between two main story-lines. In the first, Dorothy, Aunt Em and Uncle Henry confront hard times at home in Kansas, with poor weather and Uncle Henry's worsening health threatening the family farm, which is shortl

I admit that re-reading all these books in chronological order has really revealed how confusing the moral core of these books is. Just in the last book Ozma put a literal kitten on trial and subsequently ordered said kitten's execution - but this book, Ozma refuses to fight what seems to be an obje

So... many... puns! I think I've been near punned to death...

This would've made a nice end to the Oz series if Baum'd stuck to his guns and not written any more. Still, thousands of demanding fans and an emptying bank account are difficult to ignore...more

Aunt Em and Uncle Henry have arrived in Oz -- what fun!!

Not only that, but Dorothy and friends get to lead the newcomers to various places around the Land of Oz, and meet some of the most fascinating peoples. My favorites may have the been the living kitchen utensils of Utensia... what wit these peo

Not as good as the last book.

I liked The Emerald City of Oz a bit better than the last two. There was still an element of characters taking a trip just so Mr. Baum can show off all the other ideas he has for interesting creatures (Look! These ones are living jigsaw puzzles! And over here we have animated flatware! And these peo

The book consists of two completely different plotlines that kind of converge in the end with "kind of" being the key word.

Plotline 1: Dorothy finally realized it would be a good idea to bring her aunt and uncle to the Land of Oz. She was made a princess of that land several books ago, but waited f

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