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The Duchesse De Langeais

Honoré de Balzac

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .If there had been many dukes like the Duc de Laval, whose modesty made him worthy of the name he bore, the elder branch would have been as securely seated on the throne as the House of Hanover at this day.

In 1814 the noblesse of France were called upon to assert their superiority over the most aristocratic bourgeoisie in the most feminine of all countries, to take the lead in the most highly educated epoch the world had yet seen. And this was even more notably the case in 1820. The Faubourg Saint-Germain might very easily have led and amused the middle classes in days when people's heads were turned with distinctions, and art and science were all the rage. But the narrow-minded leaders of a time of great intellectual progress all of them detested art and science. They had not even the wit to present religion in attractive colours, though they needed its support. While Lamartine, Lamennais, Montalembert, and other writers were putting new life and elevation int. . . Read More

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The reason I got married was to effectively release myself from the pains and vicissitudes of a life led looking for love, so as to be able to concentrate my energies on reading, thus I am not all that interested in books about the pains and vicissitudes of lives led looking for love.

Existe uma razão do porquê Simone de Beauvoir escolheu Stendhal e não Balzac para fazer suas elucubrações a respeito de como um bom autor descreve suas personagens femininas, Balzac tão famoso por suas mulheres comete pecado atrás de pecado ao descrevê-las de maneira uniforme sem explorar a subjetiv

This is one of the three novelettes that are grouped together as The History of the Thirteen, along with Ferragus: Chief of the Companions of Duty and The Girl with the Golden Eyes. The whole notion is that there is a secret society of wealthy gentlemen in Paris called The Thirteen which has powers

Schiava o regina d'autore

Ma cosa poteva aver fatto a Honoré, innamorato respinto, Claire Clemence Henriette Claudine de Maillé de La Tour -Landry, duchessa di Castries?
Certo la lunghezza del nome già era un tormento ma gli altri quali furono se lo costrinsero, dico lo costrinsero, a tramar vendet

Balzac, Castries Düşesi'yle ilişkisini öykülendirdiği eserini karşılıksız aşkının intikamı amacıyla yazmış diyorlar.

Dilin, betimlemelerin, tespitlerin güzelliğine karşın yer yer tasvirler, yer yer denemeye dönüşen serimler konudan, eserden kopmaya neden olmaktadır.

Sadece 3 anlatı/Olay var. Bu da da

نکته‌ی جالب توجه راجع‌به این داستان برام این بود که تمام مدت حس کردم نویسنده داره یه اتفاق واقعی رو بی‌طرفانه روایت می‌کنه و نمی‌خواد واضح نکته‌ یا پیامی رو پررنگ کنه؛
در عین حال، برداشتم از بعضی جملات این بود که نویسنده به عاشق شدن اعتقادی نداره و حتی مضر هم می‌دونه شاید!
اما بنظرم شورانگیزترین درام

Balzac was quite a theatrical writer. Had he lived in the late 20th century, he certainly would have several award-winning Netflix series under his belt. The Duchess of Langeais is part of a trilogy (starting with Ferragus and ending with The Girl with the Golden Eyes) featuring spurned romance and

هیچوقت فکر نمیکردم آخرین کتابی که در دسامبر ۲۰۱۵ بخونم یک رمان عاشقانه باشه! این کتاب علی رغم تمام تفاوت هایی که داشت برای من یادآور داستان رومئو و ژولیت بود. به هر صورت داستان دلنشینی بود و به خوبی این مطلب که در عشق تا کجا باید به غرور پایبند بود رو مطرح کرده بود و همچنین تفاوت دیدگاه های مردان و

La Comédie Humaine = Comedy of Human Life, Honoré de Balzac
The Comedy of Human Life (La Comédie Humaine) is the collective title given to a series of linked stories by Balzac, totalling about 100 in all, and loosely divided into groups, such as provincial, Parisian, political, military, and country.


The descriptions are so long, chapter-long, as usual. But if you are patient enough to read that, I'm sure you will enjoy the book. Too bad that I like dialogues a lot more than descriptions, so I did not like this book as much as I fir

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