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A Dreamer's Tales

Lord Dunsany

Book Overview: 

"A Dreamer's Tales" is a collection of sixteen fantasy short stories, and varies from the wistfulness of "Blagdaross" to the horrors of "Poor Old Bill" and "Where the Tides Ebb and Flow" to the social satire of "The Day of the Poll."

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Akla could not come.

"But after she had hoped so long, and on the night that faithful spies had brought her thirtieth wreath, Andelsprutz went suddenly mad. All the bells clanged hideously in the belfries, horses bolted in the streets, the dogs all howled, the stolid conquerors awoke and turned in their beds and slept again; and I saw the grey shadowy form of Andelsprutz rise up, decking her hair with the phantasms of cathedrals, and stride away from her city. And the great shadowy form that was the soul of Andelsprutz went away muttering to the mountains, and there I followed her—for had she not been my nurse? Yes, I went away alone into the mountains, and for three days, wrapped in a cloak, I slept in their misty solitudes. I had no food to eat, and to drink I had only the water of the mountain streams. By day no living thing was near to me, and I heard nothing but the noise of the wind, and the mountain streams roaring. But for three nights I. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Las historias de Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, o Lord Dunsany, como ha trascendido literariamente, tienen la virtud de ser intemporales. Creó un universo propio, rico en lenguaje, cuyo germen es lo fantástico y onírico. Ciudades prodigiosas, nombres fabulosos, evocadores, y una prosa cercana a

2.5 – 3 stars

So, this took me forever to read. As I’ve said elsewhere I appreciate Dunsany’s importance to the field of fantasy literature, and he certainly has a poetic way with words, but so many of his stories seem like little more than sketches, or rapidly painted pictures done in very broad str

There was a time, lost in the mists of antiquity, when the dreamer could wander his fantasy land at will and set down his/her experiences on paper at leisure, without worrying about deadlines and contracts: when he/she could pen his words without worrying whether his book will hit the bestseller cha

Lord Dunsany was an Edwardian Irish peer and contemporary and friend of H. G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, Rudyard Kipling, and W.B. Yeats. He was also a graduate of Sandhurst and had a distinguished British military record. He was a prolific writer with hundreds of published works and despite acclai

Most of these stories are excellent, with some among Dunsany's best work. They are diverse in tone and setting, but the usual themes of death, desire, divinity, and doom abound.

As an aside, the recent edition annotated by Portnow has serious deficiencies. I detailed these in my Amazon review, but my

Valoración final: 3.5 

Relatos que forman parte de «Cuentos de un soñador»:
1. Poltarness, la que mira al mar 3/5
2. Blagdaross 4/5
3. Día de elecciones 3/5
4. La locura de Andelsprutz 4/5
5. En donde suben y bajan las mareas 5/5
6. Bethmoora 3/5
7. Días de ocio en el país del Yann 3/5
8. La espada y

Ovo su dokone priče, ali prekrasne. Vrijedi pročitati.


"Soñé que había hecho algo horrible, tan horrible, que se me negó sepultura en tierra y en mar, y ni siquiera había infierno para mí"

Poltrarnees 5/5
Blagdaross 3/5
Día de elecciones 3/5
La locura de Andelsprutz 4/5
En donde suben y bajan las mareas 5/5
Bethmoora 4/5
Días de ocio en el país del Yann

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