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The Dragon Throne

Chrys Cympi

Book Overview: 

How far should Fianna go to claim the Dragon Throne? She faces division amongst the royal knights after the death of her father, and in desperation summons the dragons to support her claim. The dragon's challenge will take her to their Sacred Mountains, and her loyalties will be tested as she is befriended by one of their enemies, an injured unicorn. A story of love, friendship, and betrayal.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .The warhorse made easy progress despite his double burden, carrying them with steady strides away from the woods and fields around the town of Lundern. And away from a young man, his boots sunk deep into the Land he loved. Fianna found herself twisting the bracelet, the golden weight new to her wrist. Dragons only knew how such a thing had come into his family. Now she wore it herself, a reminder of his proposal.

I should have given it back to him the moment Arwan appeared, she thought. For one moment all possibilities had narrowed. Then the banner and the knight’s announcement, and her lifetime’s goal was suddenly open before her again. The Dragon Throne might yet be hers. So why did she suddenly recall other summer days, a quiet boy listening to all that she did, and didn’t say?

Because this is new to me, she decided. She deliberately lowered her hand to pat the grey rump behind her. It’s only a hope-promise. I c. . . Read More

Community Reviews

In the woods of the unicorn herd, the Prancer, who has two colours on his flank. Unheard of in the unicorns, as each has a colour denoting their place in the herd. Prancer loses his milk-brother to an attack by a dragon. He takes an oath to retrieve part of his milk-brothers horn that was embedded i

Warrior-princess, farm boy and unicorn—all fantasy archetypes. Yet, in The Dragon Throne, the three point-of-view characters are anything but cliché. The author’s fine writing and world-building make their dilemmas real and urgent.

The characters are young, their moral compasses vacillating between

Mehreen Ahmed's review

This is a tale of a self-imposed exiled princess and heir to the Dragon Throne. The writer Chrys Cymbri is but a master of story-telling, no less. A book pact with palace politics, intrigue, uprising tells all about the kingdom, its Kings and Queens of the exotic land of the Dr

3.5 Stars
The Dragon Throne follows the intertwining stories of the princess Fianna and unicorn Prancer. They are both on a mission: Fianna to secure her throne and Prancer to find the dragon that murdered his milk brother. I particularly enjoyed Prancer’s story as he leaves the land of the unicorns

The Dragon throne

The story revolves around a young girl, Fianna, heir to the Dragon Throne of Secondus. She is born from the blood of Dragons. At the other end of the spectrum, the story revolves around, the Prancer, or Lord Unicorn as he is referred to in the the kingdom of Primus, by King Anton, b

This is one of the best takes on dragons and unicorns that I've read in quite awhile. In the Dragon Throne, there are four kingdoms in a magical land that consists of dragons, unicorns, and two with humans. One of the human kingdom is aligned with dragons, and the other with unicorns. There have bee

Book one of The Four Kingdoms series, The Dragon Throne, by Chrys Cymri can be described as the young adults Game of Thrones! I fell in love with the story and the magical characters created by Chrys Cymri. From the beginning, you are introduced to a fantastical world of adventure, friendship, and b

First off, I have to say that I thought this to be a very well-written, polished story with great descriptions and narrative/dialogue. I like to consider my review through the eyes of the target audience, but I genuinely feel there is a little in this book for everyone, if you enjoy fantasy and have

This is a wonderful fantasy story for any age, and the ending will blow your mind! This is a wonderful fantasy story for any age, and the ending will blow your mind. The Dragon Throne follows Fianna, princess and heir to the dragon throne. We first meet her at the age of 11, a year after the death o

I've long been a fan of Chrys Cymri's previous two books, Dragons Can Only Rust and Dragon Reforged, so I was very pleased to check out this first book of her new duology.

The Land is divided into four kingdoms. The First Kingdom is a land of unicorns, guardians of truth; the Second that of dragons,

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