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Dot and the Kangaroo

Ethel C. Pedley

Book Overview: 

Dot and the Kangaroo, written in 1899, is a children’s book by Ethel C. Pedley about a little girl named Dot who gets lost in the Australian outback and is eventually befriended by a kangaroo and several other marsupials. (Summary from Wikipedia)

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Book Excerpt: 
. . . her balance, or hop just a little too far or a little too near, and that they would fall together over the side of that terrible wild cliff. At last she said:

"Oh, Kangaroo, shall we get safely to the bottom do you think?"

"I never think," said the Kangaroo, "but I know we shall. This is the easiest way. If I went through the thick bush on the other side, I should stand a chance of running my head against a tree at every leap, unless I got a stiff neck with holding my head on one side looking out of one eye all the time. My nose gets in the way when I look straight in front," she explained. "Don't be afraid," she continued. "I know every jump of the way. We kangaroos have gone this way ever since Australia began to have kangaroos. Look here!" she said, pausing on a big boulder that hung right over the gully, "we have made a history book for ourselves out of these rocks; and so long as these rocks last, long, long after the time when there will be no. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Still a lovely, heartwarming story about unconditional kindness towards others, especially animals. After reading some of the reviews here (again!), I was expecting more racism towards the Aboriginals than there actually was. The animals are describing ALL humans as being cruel and stupid; not ju...more

Gah, I don't know what to do. You're damned if you do, damned if you don't with this one. Ethel Pedley's work has not survived the last 30 years with as much affection as her fellow children's writer, Ethel Turner (of Seven Little Australians). Her book is not terribly PC, what with its pick-and-...more

Somewhat cute historical children's story with some engaging and humorous characters. Slightly marred by out of date racial and religious remarks. Writing style is also much too verbose and sentences far too long for young readers. Numerous historical references will need explanation for young li...more

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I'm giving this book 4 stars. I enjoyed it so much. Dot gets lost in the Australian Bush and is befriended b...more

After little Dot get lost in the bush in outback Australia, an adventure begins. She is rescued by a Kangaroo and given magic berries that allow her to speak to and understand the bush animals. Follow Dot and the Kangaroo as they meet and learn from a huge array of Australian animals.

Filled with...more

Dot had such an adventure.

A sweet cautionary tale about Dot, a little girl who gets lost in the bush of Australia. She is befriended by a grieving mother kangaroo who has lost her joey. After eating some berries Dot is able to communicate with the animals and they with her. This book was written long before political corr...more

It is customary these days to jump on anything which is even slightly un-PC, but I really dislike that. It's too easy to criticise this story's colonial context, and consequently deem it unacceptable.
The reason this book *is* worth the read (especially for kids) is it's portrayal of Australian na...more

I adored the animated adaptation of this book when I was little -- I had no idea it was written in 1899. A young Australian girl named dot becomes lost in the Bush and is rescued by a kangaroo, who gives her some magic berries that allow her to speak with the animals and takes her on a wild adven...more

I loved the animated Dot movies as a younger lass (I confess that the "Dot and the Whale" movie remains a perennial favorite), but I had no idea "Dot and the Kangaroo" was based on a book written back in 1899. A lovely little tale full of very clear, Bambi-style messaging about conservation and t...more

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