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The Door in the Wall and Other Stories

H. G. Wells

Book Overview: 

Collection of short stories.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .But I can hold you—and all the universe for that matter—in the grip of this little brain. I would not change. Even now."

He looked at the little phial. "There will be no need of sleep again," he said. The next day at noon—punctual to the minute, he entered his lecture theatre, put his hat on the end of the table as his habit was, and carefully selected a large piece of chalk. It was a joke among his students that he could not lecture without that piece of chalk to fumble in his fingers, and once he had been stricken to impotence by their hiding his supply. He came and looked under his grey eyebrows at the rising tiers of young fresh faces, and spoke with his accustomed studied commonness of phrasing. "Circumstances have arisen—circumstances beyond my control," he said and paused, "which will debar me from completing the course I had designed. It would seem, gentlemen, if I may put the thing clearly and briefly, that&m. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I didn't expect to like this book as much as I did maybe because even though I've heard a lot about this author it was my first time reading him. I like how fantasy and sci-fi are well represented in these short delightful stories.

My favorites were:

The Star which is hard to talk of without giving th

"فى نهاية الامرهل كان ثمة باب اخضر على الاطلاق؟؟ لا ادرى.. لقد رويت قصته كما حكاها لى. وهناك اوقات اشعر فيها ان (والاس) لم يكن سوى ضحية لنوع نادر من الهلوسة والهذيان. ولكن فى حقيقة الامر لم يكن هذا اعتقادى الداخلى. ولكنى اكاد اجزم ان (والاس) كان يمتلك منحة غير عادية، تتمثل فى جدار ابيض وباب اخضر منح

ياترى كام باب اتفتح قدامنا ومدخلناش بسبب انشغالنا ؟!

" لقد عرض الباب الأخضر نفسَه ، و دعاني إلي الدخول حيثُ السلام و المتعة و الجمال الذي يفوق الأحلام ، ذلك الباب الذي خلفَه حنان و عطف لا يعرفه أي إنسان. "

قصة ( الباب الذي في الجدار).
كيف يمكن للحياة بزخمها أن تُلهيك عن حلمك و عن راحتك حتي ترى خلاصك أمامك فلا تتخذ الخطوة لتناله .

"والاس" رجل ذو مكانة ع

De toutes les histoires qui y sont, celle qui m'aura profondément marquée est la toute première : "The door in the wall". Elle inspire une profonde méditation.

Je citerai également celles qui, sans être exceptionnelles, valent le coup d'être lues :

A dream of Armageddon
A moonlight fable
The diamond mak

La porta nel muro é un capolavoro immane.
Basta, non ho altro da dire.

So good!! I love HG Wells. A lot of the stories really made me think.

It's remarkable how a skilled writer like H.G. Wells can write fiction that resonates with readers a century later. This collection is a little gloomy in its view of humanity; one recurring theme is how preferable it is to die than it is to live in a way that restricts liberty. About half the storie

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