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A Dog of Flanders


Book Overview: 

"Nello and Patrasche were left all alone in the world." So begins the poignant story of the two orphans who were to become inseparable companions. They were Nello, an orphaned youth, and Patrasche, the dog which he and his grandfather saved from near death one day. The tale takes place outside of Antwerp, and so popular has this story become that there is a commemorative statue of Nello and Patrasche standing in the village yet today. The story is powerful, and masterfully written by Marie Louise de la Ramée under the pseudonym Ouida.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .his desire and his ability to work in return for the bread of charity that he had eaten. Jehan Daas resisted long, for the old man was one of those who thought it a foul shame to bind dogs to labor for which Nature never formed them. But Patrasche would not be gainsaid: finding they did not harness him, he tried to draw the cart onward with his teeth.

At length Jehan Daas gave way, vanquished by the persistence and the gratitude of this creature whom he had succored. He fashioned his cart so that Patrasche could run in it, and this he did every morning of his life thenceforward.

When the winter came, Jehan Daas thanked the blessed fortune that had brought him to the dying dog in the ditch that fair-day of Louvain; for he was very old, and he grew feebler with each year, and he would ill have known how to pull his load of milk-cans over the snows and through the deep ruts in the mud if it had not been for the strength and the ind. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This tale is very famous in Japan, and I'm glad that I finally got to read it.

As I was reading it, I felt as if I was treading on the hard, cold road, through the snow, with the winter wind piercing my heart, with sorrow leadening every step.
Still, it was a touching, heartwarming story.

Ouida frequen

I don't know why I decided to read this. I knew it would break my heart cause I've seen the anime movie SO many times. I also saw the live action but that ending is totally different from the anime/book.

I do wish the ending would have been ending like in the live action film....but at the same time


I was born and raised in Antwerp. On a square inf front of the cathedral there is a statue of Nello and Patrache, lying covered in the snow on the ground. I never read the story, despite loving the statue so much. I'm glad I finally know where the statue stands for, even if it's a sad

This story is well-known the world over apart from in Flanders itself (except among the people who live within viewing distance of the fairly recent statue in Hoboken and the ones who remember that Suske en Wiske album, I guess). It's a good and sensitive story, however, that is sure to traumatise y

"Let us lie down and die together. Men have no need of us, and we are all alone."

This book is so beautiful and well-written that it completely ripped my heart open and left me weeping. The ending was so sad and I was left feeling miserable missing my own deceased GSD.
I listened to the audio book

Some books must be better in translation. At least that way, you don't have to read Ouida's original prose. If this book weren't so short, I'd throw it at a wall. The narration is repetitive, so repetitive. The book would be half its already tiny length if the author had an editor.

A Dog of Flanders

It was by chance that this book suddenly came to mind as I browsed the list of books tagged under Goodreads’ Classics category. I watched the Japanese anime series adaptation of A Dog of Flanders as a kid, and if I hadn’t seen the movie The Land Before Time beforehand and witnessed a character die f

This is about a boy named Nello and his dog named Patrasche who lived in a small village with their grandfather. Nello dreams to become a great artist and enters a piece in the village's local art contest. Will he win and be able to get the respect of his peers? Read this book for yourself and find

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