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The Diary of a Goose Girl

Kate Douglas Wiggin

Book Overview: 

The "Goose Girl" is a young and somewhat independent lady who, in fleeing from her lover with whom there had been a "little tiff," became a "paying guest" at poultry farm in a quiet, out-of-the-way Sussex village, in the care of which she participates.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Meantime I can never look at him without marvelling how the English climate can transmute bacon and eggs, tea and the solid household loaf into such radiant roses and lilies as bloom upon his cheeks and lips.


July 8th.

Thornycroft is by way of being a small poultry farm.

In reaching it from Barbury Green, you take the first left-hand road, go till you drop, and there you are.

It reminds me of my “grandmother’s farm at Older.”  Did you know the song when you were a child?—

My grandmother had a very fine farm
   ‘Way down in the fields of Older.
      With a cluck-cluck here,
      And a cluck-cluck there,
      Here and there a cluck-cluck,
      Cluck-cluck here and there,
   Down in the fields at Older.

It goes on for ever by the simple subterfuge . . . Read More

Community Reviews

This is a multi-faceted review. To start off, my husband bought me a "nook" e-reader for Christmas. I had expressed interest in it, but by no means asked for it, nor was I even certain that I wanted it. Now that I have it, I would describe my feelings as 85% love and 15% frustration. But the e-reade

A charming little story told by a young lady on a three week adventure to a poultry farm and filled with amusing little anecdotes about her observations there.

I got bored reading about geese and chickens- The Egg and I is a much more entertaining read on the subject.

I really enjoyed the voice of the narrator- the way she describes the people she meets is very amusing and the style is just fun. However the entire middle section (which is the vast majority of the book) involves description of the antics of the birds. Although it's sweet enough (and clearly writte

I'm a little torn on this because I absolutely adore the narrator. I love the diary entries and her descriptions of the various feathered fiends and friends and her description of the family she's staying with. But the ending was extremely meh with not enough context or build up for me to be happy w

This was the cutest little book. It's very short, but quite sweet.

I loved all the descriptions of the fowls, I really could see everything perfectly. Cannibal Anne and Crookedtoes were probably my favorite characters.

The author was humorous, I found myself chuckling many times. It wasn't hilarious

I really enjoyed this pastoral tale of a girl seeking refuge from suitors and family settling into life on a farm. Though she is a paying guest, she soon integrates into the household and begins shepherding the geese. The book is mostly a series of mini-stories about her adventures, each chapter is

I enjoyed this short romp through English farm life with the "Goose Girl." Witty little story.

This was my favorite quote from this book: "A man’s mind is too dull an instrument to measure a woman’s reason; even my own fails sometimes to deal with all its delicate shades."

If you have an interest in the social life of fowls then this will be a fun read. If you are a girl running away from the

It was a moderately interesting story of a girl who goes to live on a farm and becomes a "goose girl". I sort of enjoyed reading about chicks, eggs, and geese. I would recommend it to anyone looking for something simple about everyday life on a farm.

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