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The Diamond Master

Jacques Futrelle

Book Overview: 

A perfect diamond worth millions is mailed, in a plain package, to a diamond dealer. Then he finds that identical diamonds were delivered to other diamond dealers. Where did the gems come from? Who sent them? And why?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .able with a sweeping gesture of his hand, colorless, inert pebbles, ranging in size from a pea to a peanut. "And now, you ask, where do they come from?"

The others nodded unanimously.

"I'll have to state a fact that you all know, as part answer to that question," replied Mr. Wynne. "A perfect diamond is a perfect diamond, no matter where it comes from—Africa, Brazil, India or New Jersey. There is not the slightest variation in value if the stone is perfect. That being true, it is a matter of no concern to you, as dealers, where these come from—sufficient it is that they are here, and, being here, they bring home to you the necessity of concerted action to uphold the diamond as a thing of value."

"You said der vorld's oudpud had been increased fiftyfold?" suggested
Mr. Schultze. "Do ve understand you prove him by dese?"

The young man smiled slightly and drew a leather packet from an. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Lanjut baca karya Futrelle yang diterbitkan Laksana. Jika sebelum ini ada pencurian piring emas, kali ini ada "penipuan" perdagangan berlian. Seperti sebelumnya, aku suka premise awalnya, alur cerita dan misterinya. Penyelesainnya b aja. Dan karakterisasi ceweknya masiihhh nyebelin, menye-menye 'mau

That was an interesting story. I wasn’t entirely sure what the mystery was going to be, and neither did our characters. Was it blackmail? Is this man just a con-artist or thief extraordinaire? How can he keep fooling every detective sent to trap him? Who is he? Where is his extraordinary wealth com

I am a big fan of Jacques Futrelle's Thinking Machine stories but this short novel wasn't nearly as enjoyable for me. The premise is quite intriguing - a process is invented to artificially create diamonds - but Futrelle doesn't carry out that concept very effectively. The cast is divided into two g

A young self-assured businessman shows up and makes a proposition to the top diamond jewelers in New York City. He wants them to come up with a $100 million to buy his special diamonds. But there is a catch. There are no records on where these beautiful, unusual diamonds came from after they checked

The book begins with a gem merchant being sent, anonymously, a very large and flawless diamond; shortly thereafter, he discovers that several of his colleagues received identical gifts. The mystery of who sent them is swiftly resolved, and for the rest of the book we are left to wonder where these d

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