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The Devil's Pool

George Sand

Book Overview: 

George Sand is famous for flaunting the conventions of behavior expected of women of her standing in France at the time and for her numerous romantic liaisons including her long standing affair with Frédéric Chopin. The Devil’s Pool is one of several short pastoral novels drawn from her childhood experiences in the rural French region of Berri. It tells the story of a young widower, Germain, who, at the insistence of his father-in-law, sets out to remarry so that he will have someone to help raise his three young children.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Mère Guillette lived in a wretched hovel within two gunshots of the farm. But she was a decent woman and a woman of strong will. Her poor house was neat and clean, and her carefully patched clothes denoted proper self-respect with all her poverty.

"You came to get some fire for the night, eh, Mère Guillette?" said the old man. "Is there anything else you would like?"

"No, Père Maurice," she replied; "nothing just now. I'm no beggar, you know, and I don't abuse my friends' kindness."

"That's the truth; and so your friends are always ready to do you a service."

"I was just talking with your wife, and I was asking her if Germain had at last made up his mind to marry again."

"You're no gossip," replied Père Maurice, "and one can speak before you without fear of people talking; so I will tell my wife and you that Germain has really made up his mind; he starts to-morrow for Fourche."

"Bless me!" excla. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Strikes a slightly odd note between fairytale and a record of the poetic side of rural life. I didn't feel that any of the characters were really given a chance to come alive. There's a lot of expositional dialogue: "'Germaine ... you really must make up your mind about finding a new wife. You've be

Aurora Dupin, quien tras bastidores era mejor conocida como George Sand, desde muy joven demostró su pedigrí, gracias a su educación. Una escritora inconforme, inteligente, creativa, conocedora de la música, la pintura y sobre todo, de la literatura dejo en su haber numerosas novelas y obras de teat

برکه ی شیطان برعکس اسمش که به نظر میاد داستان ترسناک باشه داستان عاشقانه است. داستان خیلی ساده نوشته شده ولی جذابیت خودش رو از دست نمیده. داستان مرد جوانی که همسرش رو از دست داده و به اصرار پدر زنش برای دیدن زنی و صحبت در مورد ازدواج با اون راهی یک روستای دیگه میشه و در مسیر به دلایلی با یکی از دختر

Dans le Berry, autour de 1830, le jeune veuf Germain est enjoint par sa belle-famille à prendre femme pour s'occuper des enfants de sa première union et assurer la bonne tenue des affaires de la maisonnée. Accompagné de la petite voisine Marie, il se met en route pour faire sa cour à la candidate qu

When I read that Poet Charles Baudelaire had this to say about George Sand, I knew I would in all likelihood enjoy her book.

"She is stupid, heavy and garrulous. Her ideas on morals have the same depth of judgment and delicacy of feeling as those of janitresses and kept women.... The fact that there

وحدها الصدف تقودك للأقلام الجميلة، لكن عبء الاستمرار بقربها يبقى على عاتقك وحدك، مؤخرًا استحوذت الروائية الفرنسية جورج صاند على اهتمامي حيث تتقافز كنيتها المستعارة هذه من بين روايات ومقالات كثيرة ، أحببت التعرف عليها عن قرب من خلال عمل من أعمالها، العنوان فنّي ومثير وبعيد كل البعد عن مضمون الرواية ،

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