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The Devil's Disciple

Bernard Shaw

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .n's chair; and his lip rolls up horribly from his dog tooth as he meets her look of undisguised hatred.) Well, mother: keeping up appearances as usual? that's right, that's right. (Judith pointedly moves away from his neighborhood to the other side of the kitchen, holding her skirt instinctively as if to save it from contamination. Uncle Titus promptly marks his approval of her action by rising from the sofa, and placing a chair for her to sit down upon.) What! Uncle William! I haven't seen you since you gave up drinking. (Poor Uncle William, shamed, would protest; but Richard claps him heartily on his shoulder, adding) you have given it up, haven't you? (releasing him with a playful push) of course you have: quite right too; you overdid it. (He turns away from Uncle William and makes for the sofa.) And now, where is that upright horsedealer Uncle Titus? Uncle Titus: come forth. (He comes upon him holding the chair as Judith sits down.) As usual, looking after the ladies. . . Read More

Community Reviews

George Bernard Shaw’s Devil’s Disciple is quite an example of melodrama gone, so to speak, good. I mean, everything is there: mistaken identity, turnaround of events, conjugal triangle, surprise inheritance, self-sacrifice, contrast between appearance and essence with a bit of too much emotional ten

The Devil's Disciple, George Bernard Shaw

The Devil's Disciple is an 1897 play written by Irish dramatist George Bernard Shaw.

The play is Shaw's eighth, and after Richard Mansfield's original 1897 American production it was his first financial success, which helped to affirm his career as a playwri

يطل المناضل المصري علاء عبد الفتاح في كل سطر من سطور المسرحية و لا عجب في ذلك فالمسرحية الهزلية فصولها مستمرة في مصر حتى الأن. و علاء عبدالفتاح لمن لا يعرفه هو شاب مصري حبسته كل السلطات منذ المجلس العسكري بعد ثورة يناير حتى السيسي بعدها و مرورا بالإخوان بينهما و تهمته الوحيدة هي حب مصر و الحرص على م

- ميلودراما كلاسيكية تدور احداثها إبّان الثورة الأمريكية ، حيث خلق برناردشو شخصية شيطانية (ديك، بما يعنيه هذا الإسم في اللغة الإنكليزية)، يقدمها في الجزء الأول على انها الشر المتجسد، او الجزء الأسود من الميلودراما، ثم يأخذها في الجزئين اللاحقين وينتشلها من اسفل الى اعلى، ويتوجها ناصعة في الخاتمة.

- ت

أول قراءاتي للكاتب العظيم جورج برنارد شو
تقع أحداثها في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية أيام معارك الانفصال عن التاج البريطاني

من الكلمات القوية والمؤثرة بها : لحظة الاختبار تكشف حقيقة الانسان وما خُلق لأجله

رواية مبدعة و لغتها جميلة

The rest of this story is pure fiction. Rest assured, you can believe every word of it.
George Bernard Shaw ~~ The Devil's Disciple

#6 of my 2018 Shaw Project

This is a marvelous play, one that I was totally unfamiliar with. Shaw is juggling many balls here the romantic one, the sly, cynical one, and

By 1896, Shaw had already written seven plays: ”unpleasant” Ibsenite problem plays and “pleasant” comedies with witty Wildean dialogue (and a little sermonizing thrown in). He had won a measure of artistic respect, but what he didn’t have, as yet, was a commercial triumph.

Then Shaw began to contempl

فيها الكثير والكثير جدا من الاشارات
ولكن اهمها بالنسبة لي هي الاخلاق او البذرة الطيبه التي توجد عند الجميع
احتاج تابع الشيطان موقف ليظهرها

Like valves in the heart, this drama opens up and constructs. It becomes intimate with the central heartbreaking moral dilemma, or epic with a stampede of quite intriguing satellite players.

Also, this one struck me as having The Simpson's episode arch: The first act has very little to do with the re

جورج برنارد شو عدو الهيمنة الإنجليزية في مسرحيته يجعل من الثوار الأمريكيين أبطالًا وفدائيين
ماذا لو رأي اليوم الهيمنة الأمريكية وكتب عن القهر والظلم والفساد والإفساد
أحب الأيرلنديين وخاصة المتمرد منهم كبرنارد شو
من أجمل العبارات في المسرحية
"من يخشى الله لا يخشى أن يطلق على عمل الشيطان اسمه الحقيقي"

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