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Dear Brutus

J. M. Barrie

Book Overview: 

At a house in the country 8 guests are invited to enter a magical wood to see what might have happened had they made a different choice in life. Even though they are warned away from the wood, they take a chance and enter. The title comes from Shakespeare: "The fault lies in our selves, dear Brutus, not in our stars...," and summarizes the theme of this play: given a second chance, will people still make the same mistakes?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Rather!

LOB (the artful). Just wasting the evening. Let us have a round game at cards here instead.

PURDIE (grandly), No, sir, I am going to find that wood.

JOANNA. What is the good of it when it is found?

PURDIE. We shall wander in it deliciously, listening to a new sort of bird called the Philomel.

(LOB is behaving in the most exemplary manner; making sweet little clucking sounds.)

JOANNA (doubtfully). Shall we keep together, Mr. Purdie?

PURDIE. No, we must hunt in pairs.

JOANNA. (converted). I think it would be rather fun. Come on, Coady, I'll lace your boots for you. I am sure your poor foot will carry you nicely.

ALICE. Miss Trout, wait a moment. Lob, has this wonderful wood any special properties?

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Community Reviews

This is a play about second chances and how useless they are.

A group of middle aged couples are given a chance to re-write their lives when they are invited to 'the wood' a magical place that appears once a year (on midsummer eve) in this one guy's backyard.

Most storis along this line of thinking d

I only know of J.M. Barrie as the author of Peter Pan, which I must have read when I was young but don't remember well. I picked up Dear Brutus to see if it would be suitable for my fairies class, and let me just open with: wow!

The title is a reference to Shakespeare's Julius Caesar: "The fault, dea

It's real weird, but it's also very funny.


Read this play because I am auditioning for it on January. It has some good ideas, not very fleshed out characters or plot. Some of it is very dated and sexist

My evaluation of this play is probably permanently clouded by the fog of reminiscence. I played a part in this play when I was a senior in high school. It would be interesting to see the rest of the cast now, and ask if they'd be any different if allowed to enter that magic wood again.

Sevgili Brütüs #starkyorumluyor
Sevgili Brütüs, Peter Pan’ın yaratıcısı J. M. Barrie’nin tiyatro eseridir. Zamanında sahnede çokça yer verilmiş ve bu sahnelerin fotoğraflarına kitapta yer verilmiş. Kitabın başında yazar ve bu oyunla ilgili çok ilginç ama benim daha önceden bildiğim bilgiler vardı. Me

This has been my bath-time reading for a while, and I finished it tonight. It was an excellent bath book; fairly cheerful, clever, and funny, and yet thoughtful.

When I started it I was kinda...

Can't tell if funny... off-putting...
I wasn't sure at first if the narrator was very tongue-in-cheek or a

I found this by way of Carol and Drina, both of whom play the part of Margaret. Which is to say I already had an idea of the play's direction even before I read it, and a certain degree of approval, too, given the way two separate authors had glowingly described it. Here, for example, from Carol Goe

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