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Curious, if True

Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

Book Overview: 

CURIOUS, IF TRUE: Strange Tales is a collection of five dark Victorian tales of suspense, horror, mood and mystery by Elizabeth Gaskell. Includes "The Old Nurse's Story," "The Poor Clare," "Lois The Witch," "The Grey Woman," and "Curious, If True."

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .u may write, and who will answer any questions as to my character and prospects. I do not shun inquiry.'

She shook her head again. 'You had better go away, sir. You know nothing about us.'

'I know your names,' said I, 'and I have heard you allude to the part of the country from which you came, which I happen to know as a wild and lonely place. There are so few people living in it that, if I chose to go there, I could easily ascertain all about you; but I would rather hear it from yourself.' You see I wanted to pique her into telling me something definite.

'You do not know our true names, sir,' said she, hastily.

'Well, I may have conjectured as much. But tell me, then, I conjure you. Give me your reasons for distrusting my willingness to stand by what I have said with regard to Mistress Lucy.'

'Oh, what can I do?' exclaimed she. 'If I am turning away a true friend as he says?—Stay!' coming to a sudden decision—'I w. . . Read More

Community Reviews

If you are expecting another Cranford, you are in for a big surprise! About as far from it as you can get. Who knew Gaskell could hop genres like this? Definitely worth a read.

1. The Old Nurse's Story
2. The Poor Clare
3. Lois The Witch
4. The Grey Woman
5. Curious, If True.

My favorites are "The Old Nurse's Story"and "Curious, if True".

ENGLISH: The first two of the five short stories in this collection are also in the collection titled "The grey woman," precisely those in both titles. Two of the stories ("Curious if true" and "Lois the witch") are also in the Cranford collection I have.

"Curious if true" is a strange short story ab

Interesting and atmospheric Gothic tales. Almost every story has an element of story within story (metafiction ahoy). I was really surprised how the stories took place around Europe as well New England and dealt with real historic events (Witch trials of Salem) or were inspired by other (fairytale)

I am giving this collection of stories only three stars. There were some good stories and some OK stories.

One of the OK stories was "Lois The Witch". It was set during the Salem witch trials. Gaskell could have made that story better.

I did enjoy "The Old Nurse's Tale". That story is wonderful on a

This book was recommended to me because of an interest in re-told Victorian Fairy Tales. It literally kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I read the book on the train from Williamsburg to Philly, and after approximately 7 hours of train riding, I did not want the train to stop because I s

Yeah, these are Victorian "scary" stories. Interesting to get perspective on what was creepy then versus what is creepy now. Three are a little creepy, the fourth more a morality tale. I would only recommend this to those into Victorian lit, and within that subset, those who like that style of gothi

Terus terang, ketimbang Jane Austen dan Charlotte Bronte, aku lebih kagum dengan Mrs. Gaskell ini (☆ω☆)
Ngarang kisah tentang penduduk kota kecil yang kocak...bisa!
Bikin kisah romance berlatar revolusi industri dan demo buruh...juga oke!

Dan kali ini, aku bersyukur dapat mencicipi kisah horor karya be

Not enjoying these stories -- the moralizing irritates me and the paranormal (ghosts and demons) bores rather than frightens. I read the first 2 stories and the first chapter of the third; the last two stories I have read previously in "The Grey Woman and Other Tales". Those two would be the best in

All right, the book was definitely worth reading. "Lois the Witch" and "The Grey Woman" are the best stories IMHO, the first one very dark (it's about the witch hysteria in Salem and the first story I've ever read about it), the other dark also, but with a good (well kinda) outcome and a very intere

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