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The Crisis - Complete

Winston Churchill

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Hopper 'callated' to get it, and another small one pitched in. And you'd die laughing, Lige, to hear how he did it."

"Some slickness, I'll gamble," grunted Captain Lige.

"Well, I reckon 'twas slick," said the Colonel, thoughtfully. "You know old man Wright hates a solicitor like poison. He has his notions. And maybe you've noticed signs stuck up all over his store, 'No Solicitors nor Travelling Men Allowed Here'."

The Captain nodded.

"But Hopper—Hopper walks in, sir, bold as you please, right past the signs till he comes to the old man's cage. 'I want to see Mr. Wright,' says he to the clerk. And the clerk begins to grin. 'Name, please,' says he. Mr. Hopper whips out his business card. 'What!' shouts old Wright, flying 'round in his chair, 'what the devil does this mean? Can't you read, sir?' 'callate to,' says Mr. Hopper. 'And you dare to come in here?

"'Business is business,' says Hopper. 'You "callate"!' be. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I have  mixed emotions about this book.  In the first place, I feel as though I read it somewhat under false pretense, since I definitely thought that it was a book by British Prime Minister and all around notable quotable Sir Winston Churchill.  I had read and greatly enjoyed his History of the Eng

I really took my time on this one and it really just dragged out. It wasn’t all that exciting and I found it very easy to put down and do... literally anything else. It’s a Civil War novel like Pearl Harbor is a WWII movie - a corny and unrealistic love story set during armed conflict. I did find it

The best book I've ever read about Abraham Lincoln, in the same sense that the novel "Ben Hur" is about Jesus Christ. The American author Winston Churcill (NOT Winston S. Churchill, the Prime Minister of Great Britain) portrays Lincoln as being the sacrifice America had to pay to redeem it from the

By the American Winston Churchill, an excellent Civil War novel I read and loved in high school.

It is not often that you read a book thirty-five years after the first time you read it, and find it to be just as achingly beautiful as the first time. But today I have. It has been my custom to read to my children all their lives. Today, I read the last chapter of this book to my now adult daughte

The history is detailed and sound, the drama is soap operatic and the author is frequently, shockingly racist. Somehow the book still pulls the reader along. Maybe because it's so awkward?

The best book I've ever read about Abraham Lincoln. The American author Winston Churchill (NOT Winston S. Churchill, the Prime Minister of Great Britain) portrays Lincoln as being the sacrifice America had to pay to redeem it from the sin of slavery.

The author, Winston Churchill, chose to set the ac

A Civil War novel, written when many of its readers still remembered the conflict, with often-overlooked perspectives regarding Abraham Lincoln and other figures of the era.

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