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The Crimson Fairy Book

Andrew Lang

Book Overview: 

The Crimson Fairy Book contains thirty-six stories collected from around the world and edited by Andrew Lang. Many tales in this book are translated, or adapted, from those told by mothers and nurses in Hungary; others are familiar to Russian nurseries; the Servians are responsible for some; a rather peculiarly fanciful set of stories are adapted from the Roumanians; others are from the Baltic shores; others from sunny Sicily; a few are from Finland, and Iceland, and Japan, and Tunis, and Portugal. No doubt many children will like to look out these places on the map, and study their mountains, rivers, soil, products, and fiscal policies, in the geography books. The peoples who tell the stories differ in colour; language, religion, and almost everything else; but they all love a nursery tale. The stories have mainly been adapted or translated by Mrs. Lang, a few by Miss Lang and Miss Blackley. (Summary from the preface)

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .One morning the eldest of the three princes mounted his horse and set out for a neighbouring forest, where wild animals of all sorts were to be found. He had not long left the castle, when a hare sprang out of a thicket and dashed across the road in front. The young man gave chase at once, and pursued it over hill and dale, till at last the hare took refuge in a mill which was standing by the side of a river. The prince followed and entered the mill, but stopped in terror by the door, for, instead of a hare, before him stood a dragon, breathing fire and flame. At this fearful sight the prince turned to fly, but a fiery tongue coiled round his waist, and drew him into the dragon's mouth, and he was seen no more.

A week passed away, and when the prince never came back everyone in the town began to grow uneasy. At last his next brother told the emperor that he likewise would go out to hunt, and that perhaps he would find some clue as to his brother's disappearance. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Andrew Lang put together twelve Fairy Books filled with fairy tales from around the world, each named after it's own color. Personally, I've arranged my collection according to the rainbow and that's the order I'll be reading them in (I'm still undecided as to whether I think the red book looks bett

Fairy tales still move me, even as a not-so-mature woman in my 30s.

In terms of the ratio of engaging and entertaining tales to forgettable or dull ones, I would rate The Crimson Fairy Book about the same as The Brown Fairy Book. So unfortunately it falls on the low end of the scale for me. Though it did have more pleasant stories than The Brown Fairy Book, this co

From The Hairy Man:
"The king ordered his servants to take the boy into the forest and to kill him there, and to bring back part of his liver and lungs."
So horrific . So specific. Also, the boy was his own son. It didn't really make me feel better that his servant killed a dog instead. But the cani

'The Colony of Cats' was among the best. The right length, some humor, and actually interesting enough to work. 'The Cottage and His Cat' was another cat-themed tale, although this one is nonsensical and another twist on get-rich with kings and luck. Animal themes continue with mixed results - The C

Pretty much the same from all the others in the series... repetitive, boring and not many great fairy tales.

Fairy tale books are my favorite kind of book, and Andrew Lang combined some of my favorites.

Me costó terminarlo... Más que nada por lo extravagante de los cuentos, la mayor parte termina con un gran WTF?
Por ejemplo, hay uno cual moraleja es "para que tu esposa te haga caso, pegale".
Hay varios (una gran mayoría) realmente creepy. Si nosotros los leyéramos hoy en día siendo niños, no creo qu

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